Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Special times call for Special Songs

Now Now what do we have here .. some special times not at all in fact its pretty ordinary if you come to think about it.

What am I doing? sitting in office doing pretty much nothing I mean its 7 PM in US so very few people may be working so what do I do? I have GQ October Edition in front of me .. still few pages remaining and Nov edition on Stuff in bag .. so what do I decide .. let's revisit some songs .. Almost all are Great ones

In Your Face - Children of Bodom

Smells like Teen Spirit - Nirvana

Hotel California - Eagles

Kashmir - Led Zeppelin

Last Christmas - Wham

Dancing Queen - ABBA

and few more .. so as you can clearly see I don't have any particular preference in music I will listen whatever I want .. Country, Rock, Metal, Hip Hop, Ragge, Jazz or closer home old or new bollywood music .. I listen to what I like when I like ..

Cheers to Great songs and Great Musicians some are with us some have left us but ensured that we would have their songs forever and ever .. so you guys enjoy I wll try to finish GQ this one has more than 400 pages and lots to read .. still not too much but between office and Burn Notice and occasional Cricket 2007 not getting much time to read .. yeah I am crafty like that ..

Enjoy then till the next post God only knows when that will be .. :-)

Saturday, March 5, 2011

New Post for BAT-18

And so after few months later .. Blog-a-Ton is back and along with that I am back in the story land .. Really I had many ideas but somehow they bore fruits only when presented with a topic for Blog-a-ton for that month....

This month's topic is 'Change' so I wrote a little piece on that topic and as usual its a story after all I call myself  "Story Teller" and what kind of story teller would I be if I stop writing stories there and start typing truth .. for that I have this blog .. don't I?

So head on to my post at Story Teller and please comment because how can I expect to improve without your wonderful support.

Till then Bye Bye ... take care you guys .. whoever is reading this because as per my estimation .. no one and if anyone is reading as well they are not following me. ..

Doesn't matter its my personal space so let it be personal for some time.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Songs in my head

Hi Friends,
           I know I have been missing in action for a very long time now, but I will definitely try to keep up with my blogs now. so before I keep you updated with new things in my life lets see what's going on with my life currently.

1. Played cricket in the morning today i.e. Saturday 22nd Jan 2011. Reasonable performance, few runs, one horrible over and two good catches, also scoring for both teams in both the games.

2. There are few songs which are doing rounds in my head like...

a. Yahaan - Airport - This is new theme song for Roadies 8 sung by a band called Airport too good a song.
b. Emptiness - Rohan Thakur - Just out of this world such a lovely and wonderful song. Listen it if you haven't done so you will thank me. That's a guarantee.
c. Then songs of movie 'Dil to Baccha Hai Ji' very good songs - Tere Bin, Yeh Dil Hai Bhola Bhala, Kuch Dino se all three songs are very Good.
d. Darling from movie 7 Khoon Maaf different song from a different film again my one of the original filmmaker in our country Vishal Bhardwaj.

So long then I will be listening to these songs you also do the same.