Monday, June 11, 2018

Why do I write or blog?

Why do I write short stories or have so many blogs? I have been asked this question many times. BTW here are my blogs with custom domains

eSoch (This Blog)
MMTvM (Movies, Music, Tv, Musicians)

When I had decided to start a blog, my very first idea was to write and share new short stories. But then I had my photos to showcase and book reviews too. But then I needed a blog for posts like these which doesn't fall under Reviews, Photos or Short Stories. So This blog and I have seen so many movies that I wanted to share my thoughts on that as well. So another blog for movies.

Well if I have been regularly able to update these blogs is a different story in itself because honestly no I haven't been able to keep them updated. Hell till last week I had bought custom domains for only top three blogs and I wasn't able to keep even them updated.

But I am again trying to ensure that the blogs are regularly updated and to motivate myself I have bought 2 more custom domains which you can check above.

In any case not only me but everyone should get a chance to express themselves and you shouldn't be stopped too. So go online and get yourself a blog too no need to get a custom domain just yet. Write or post whatever you like. No need to create 8 different blogs like if you don't wanna do that. Create a blog and keep different pages for different content. Don't be confused about the platform Be in or or any other service which allows you to express yourself. And work towards your dreams.

But I have still not shared the reason why I blog or write. Honestly so that I can hone my writing and also that I can be moderately famous. After all who doesn't want to be famous and I may be 35 already but my dream of photography and being a writer won't die. I try to keep the photography going on and hope to write kind of a book sometimes in coming years but till then I would keep on updating these blogs and hone my writing skills because if I can't write 500 or 1500 word posts how can I hope to write a 300 page book. So I would Keep on Blogging you guys Keep on Reading.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Let's talk about Mouse

Let's talk about mouse, No not this mouse,

Neither this mouse,

Nor this one,

This Mouse

Some facts about mouses:

1. They are known to invade homes for food and shelter.
2. Mice, in certain contexts, can be considered vermin which are a major source of crop damage, causing structural damage and spreading diseases through their parasites and feces.
3. A mouse eats 15 - 20 times a day. Therefore they usually build their homes close to food sources, tending to only travel up to 8 m from their burrows to find food.
4. Mice teeth never stop growing
5. A rat’s teeth and jaws can gnaw through substances as hard as lead sheeting and cinder block.
6. The fear of mice and rats is scientifically called “musophobia,” from the Latin word “mus,” meaning “mouse.” It is also known as “murophobia,” from the word “murine.” This word comes from “Muridae,” the scientific term for the family of animals that includes mice and rats.
7. Mice and rats can spread at least 35 diseases to humans, according to the CDC. These diseases include salmonellosis, hantavirus, and rat-bite fever.  The infections may be spread through droppings, urine, saliva, rodent bites, or through fleas or ticks that have fed on an infected rodent (like the bubonic plague!).
8. A female rat can mate as many as 500 times with various males during a six-hour period of receptivity—a state she experiences about 15 times per year. Thus a pair of brown rats can produce as many as 2,000 descendants in a year if left to breed unchecked.
9. One-fifth of the world’s produced food is never eaten by people; instead it is eaten by rats or contaminated with germ-laden rat droppings, urine, or hairs. Over a period of a year, a single rat will produce 25,000 droppings, and a pair of rats will shed one million body hairs. A certain amount is legally allowed in the foods you eat!

Enough about the facts about Rats/Mouses, they are disgusting, I am not counting the white ones with red eyes they are cute and cuddly. I am talking about Brown or Black rats/mouses which infest your mouse eating through your food, clothes, books, wires etc.

My personal experience is similar to millions I am terrified of them and they are a nuisance. Recently I caught one which was roaming in my house but rather than immediately leaving it little far from my house I kept the cage outside in sun for a couple of days and it died which is much better than killing them with your Chappal or a broom or some other method. And kill them you must. Because it's your duty. Would you prefer if someone few rows over caught a mouse and left near your lane and it came and infested your house?

No one wants to have a pesky thing running around your house, well may be your baby but they are adorable and a bundle of joy some of the time. The main reason for writing the post is because when I told the same thing to my co-workers they made tsch tsch noises saying you shouldn't kill a mouse. Really? Well you should because of all the reasons above and few more. So next time if you catch a mouse don't release it in wild alive as it will then go and trouble some other house just like you tolerated the mouse in your house for few days just forget the cage outside for couple of days and it should take care of it and obviously it will be most effective in killer summers of India.

You already kill them by crushing them, or by poisoning them, Just also kill them kindly when you catch them and don't simply transfer your issues unto others like horror movie "It Follows".

Few Articles which I have referenced for this article:

Monday, June 4, 2018

Sunday - 03-June-2018

4 more minutes till the Sunday ends. Well what do you wanna do on a Sunday and do you get a Saturday off as well. I have worked with US clients for such a long time that I don't even remember a job where I didn't get 2 week offs though the offs were not always on the weekends and to tell you the truth I preferred my week offs in the weekdays and it was more useful as I could do official tasks or watch movies on the cheap. 

Well now I have Netflix and other streaming services available that I have lot of backlog of  movies to go through and for a very long time I am just not too interest to watch Bollywood movies so you can always find me when a Marvel movie releases Okay also DC movies. I love Comic Books so movies based on those is a given and then I would also watch few Hollywood movies but this Sunday I didn't do any of those things hell I didn't even left the house today :) 

I did what Sundays are made for I slept till I couldn't sleep any more, read the news paper, played some games on the mobile, talked to family on the phone and caught up on Agents of SHIELD over at Netflix and now the Sunday is over. So it's time to go to sleep so that I could wake up on time to join the office on time and I guess that's it's same for you though for some it would be school and for housewives it would be same as another day where they have to do more work. I really appreciate all my wife does and all my mom did. You girls are awesome and I love you both. 

  So then it's a good night and sweet dreams and all you guys take care and see you later. Keep on Reading and DFTBA.

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Report - 2nd June 2018

As I write it there are only 11 minutes remaining in this day. Well after I emphatically wrote in the last post thing went a little awry from there as it turned out that my phone went dead as it was no longer charging and it looked like that I would have to be without a smartphone for sometime. 

I went to the service center and was told that the motherboard was fried and it impacted the charging so it would have to be replaced and the cost was to be 25% of the phone price and I walked dejected from there to the numerous mobile repair shops in the area but to no avail and as it was a Friday I made my way to the mall hoping to see Bhavesh Joshi Superhero but in that mall there were no shows :( 

Then I got a call from a shop telling me that they will be able to repair my phone, I was little bit hopeful. 

So finally coming to today well I woke up and reached the shop and they told me that my phone would be ready in about 4-5 hours. So what else would I do I made my way to the near by Wave Mall and bought a ticket to the movie. But it was lunch time so I decided to head to food court as there was some time to the movie but the food counter had another idea with their extremely shoddy and slow service and some items missing and other items cold it wasn't a nice experience.

Thankfully the movie turned out to the very good and I liked it even though the missed around 15 minutes in the start. And at the shop my phone was ready too, Yay! for small mercies. The shop fixed the phone at only about 12% of the phone value so it was good too and my phone was working again within a day Hurrah!  

I made my way home and well passed time and one more thing I had a mouse roaming in the house today it was caught too. Small wins right. And now it's 3rd June well then. Good Night folks, Make Love not War, There's already not enough time why to waste it my hate and fighting. Keep on rocking, Keep on clicking, Keep on Reading.

Friday, June 1, 2018

Another Day - 1 June 2018

Yay! another month begins and this font as I couldn't possibly write is such cursive font on paper. 

Well this new month begins today but as I work in US after hours, work wise I am still working on 31st May. 

Well planning planning planning, "Plans maketh Man" or something. I have never planned my day or week certainly never a whole month. Well may be I did when I participated in A-Z April challenge way back when. 

So this month's aim is read more, Do more Photography, Watch more movies, Watch more TV series and revive my freaking blogs like I am going about doing it for now. 

Well to tell you the truth Reading and watching is going strong. Photography is little hampered only due to the super hot summer. But blogging now that was the thing which was most impacted by me without internet for a whole long year. Can you even believe that? 

Well that's a story for another day! for now let's just say that I am in better place now with High Speed internet, Subcription to both Netflix and Prime. Loads of Books. So I am settled now. 

Well at least I hope so. I keep on thinking about new stories but somehow don't type them out thinking of using them later. I am reading the books but not updating my blog with the reviews even though I am ranked 5th in all time list of reviewers in India over at (Shoutout to them). 

Well I need to make more efforts and actually open the laptop at home and then instead of watching Netflix again and enjoying I would have to open and update my blogs. 

After all I used to be in top 20 blogs in Bhopal who says I can't achieve that again in this town of bloggers which is Delhi. So I am pumped up and hopefully would be able to convert this start of month eagerness to month long phenomenon. 

Shabba Khair, Good Bye, See you soon, Keep on Reading, Keep on Clicking and Keep on being awesome. May June be your best month.

Well I apologize for the uneven spacing through the entire post.