Monday, January 18, 2021

Here we go

Here we go again, another day and another post full of ramblings and that ought to happen after all a thought piece is just that, something is written from your thoughts and we all know that we can't control our thoughts and it's one of the great mysteries that scientists have devoted decades to understand and still isn't near finding it out. Well, we would leave the talks to scientists and research with the scientists, and let's talk about normal life, something that you and I live through.

The new normal, work from home, only go out for essentials, wear a mask when out, etc. Nowadays I only go out in select cases one scenario would be if I need to get supplies or eat something and the second is if I have to go for photography. I am happy to say that for the last two Sundays I have been able to go out for photography again. Last Sunday it was a Photowalk and yesterday it was a small fun little session with a friend and model.

Another normal is how the time is passed currently it's either live cricket or highlights, little reading, a lot of gaming, and some youtube or some other streaming site. I might have mentioned it but here I am enjoying Visual Novels how days so that can be considered reading if so then it's going great but if you talk about actual books that are going on super slow nowadays.

Also, I like this font, I love the new update to the site done by Google and the option to add all these fonts earlier I had to change the font in the HTML code now I have added so many wonderful fonts. So till next time, Enjoy!

Thursday, January 14, 2021

Well, Hello There!!

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Well, Hello There, yes you, the person reading this, how are you doing? I am in limbo and just enjoying the fruits of others' labour and enjoying all the different kinds of media and a lot of wonderful stories. My last blog post here was last year on 20th March just before the lockdown, and so far the status quo has continued, and it looks like life is going to change in more than a few ways. During this time I have read fewer books than I would have read in a normal year as the bulk of my reading was done during my commute to and from the office and that is gone now. 

I have finished many games, started playing more games on my PC rather than my PS4 Pro, discovered an entirely new type of games and enjoyed them so so much that I lost my sleep and appetite for about 2-3 weeks, I still enjoy those Visual Novel games but no longer play them for all the time.

I got a new Internet connection by Airtel and it's an Xtream fiber connection with speeds of 200 Mbps download and upload and it's unlimited to boot. I just love the connection before this I was using Den broadband for the longest of the times with 100 Mbps download speeds that were very good but the issue was that it had a FUP of 800 GB and then the upload speed was just 5 Mbps that wasn't enough for me as I still plan to continue my youtube channel.

Oh, yeah! in this lockdown period I also finally uploaded few videos to my youtube channel. But like most things, the last video was uploaded on 31st March last year and so far I still have to produce the next video. Along with laziness, there were few issues that were impacting the audio quality, hopefully, that has been fixed now and soon I would hopefully be able to upload more videos. And maybe talk about my books as well. 

Oh Yeah! that's another thing that finally happened last year I am now a published author so that only e-books are available on the Amazon Kindle store but I have two books out now One is a collection of my short stories and another is a collection of Hindi Poems where I have 4 poems. Thanks to my best friend Alankar this dream has been completed.

Last year along with the multitudes of events and weddings had to be postponed due to the lockdown. One of these weddings was that of my sister who was supposed to get married in June but that had to be postponed to November but I couldn't join the wedding as I contacted COVID-19 just one week before the wedding.

Yup, I managed to get infected with COVID-19 and had to deal with 8 days of fever in a row but finally recovered and well continuing with the life now, I have spent most of the time since lockdown alone as wife and kid left just before the lockdown and then they were stuck there as the travel services were on hold. 

Another hobby I picked up during last year is for Fountain Pens and I have collected many fountain pens and many-colored inks and enjoyed practicing writing again as most of the writing I do now is via keyboard and on the computer or the mobile phones. But haven't been able to practice for some time, but will be starting the practice again. 

And that's it for now because I can keep on writing but should keep somethings for the next posts as well. Take care you all, Wash your hands, and wear a mask.