Saturday, March 5, 2011

New Post for BAT-18

And so after few months later .. Blog-a-Ton is back and along with that I am back in the story land .. Really I had many ideas but somehow they bore fruits only when presented with a topic for Blog-a-ton for that month....

This month's topic is 'Change' so I wrote a little piece on that topic and as usual its a story after all I call myself  "Story Teller" and what kind of story teller would I be if I stop writing stories there and start typing truth .. for that I have this blog .. don't I?

So head on to my post at Story Teller and please comment because how can I expect to improve without your wonderful support.

Till then Bye Bye ... take care you guys .. whoever is reading this because as per my estimation .. no one and if anyone is reading as well they are not following me. ..

Doesn't matter its my personal space so let it be personal for some time.