Thursday, May 31, 2018

Block of Every kind

From through

You may ask, what's up?

But nothing's happening

So that's what's up!

Looks like I have all kind of blocks in my mind, writer's block, photographer's block, Reader's block, blogger's block 

I am not being able to update the blogs even sparignly. Haven't been ablet to write a new story for around a year now. 

Thankfully now at least I was able to go out and click photos but those photos are just sitting on the harddrive unprocessed. 

Thanks to Indiblogger finally I got to update this blog and I manage to update my photography blog here and there but book review blog is also stuck. I hope to revive them but it might take me some time.

Till then I would take small mercies wherever I can.

A Large Percentage of Travellers Book Flight Tickets Online

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A Large Percentage of Travellers Book Flight Tickets Online

Travelling by air is an integral part of business and leisure trips these days, and every traveller wants to make sure that he gets the best possible deal. When it comes to booking flight tickets online, there are a number of ways to do so. In today’s tech-savvy world, the most popular and common way is online booking.  A large number of people book flight tickets using online services today because of the vast number of benefits, which they get like ease of booking, cheap flight tickets, web check-in facilities and more.

Travel bookings have seen a substantial shift from offline to online methods due to the fact that a significant number of urban population is always hooked on their mobiles for all kind of information, be it daily news or searching for the best holiday destinations. A lot of travellers are using travel apps and online travel portals for bookings as they give them instant access to a vast selection of flights along with prices. Now booking a flight ticket is as simple as 1-2-3 with online ticket booking sites. Within minutes, you can book a ticket to your dream destination.

As per statistics, domestic travellers are most likely to increase by nearly 25 percent in FY 2018 and reach 130 million passengers. About 70% of travellers who have a smartphone find travel related info on their phone. And 38% of online bookings are being done the same day or within 2 days of search activity.

Booking your flight ticket online through an online travel agency like Cleartrip comes with more advantages then you know. At a recent event in Delhi, a senior official at Cleartrip shared why Cleartrip has an edge over the other players in the market. He said “Besides offering convenience, our travel portal offers innumerable cheap flights to various domestic and international destinations. We are customer-centric and offer attractive deals and discounts on tickets and a bouquet of other features like train booking, hotel booking, car rental and booking local activities and experiences. No doubt, ours is a complete travel planning and booking solution.”

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Another user Sakshi Rana, who works as an event manager and writes cookery blogs also uses Cleartrip for hotel and flight bookings. When she was asked to provide feedback, she was all praises for Cleartrip. This is what she said, “I trust no other site but Cleartrip when it comes to booking flight tickets online. I had a bad experience with another travel site when my account was debited twice and even after repeated complaints the amount was not credited to my account. The Cleartrip customer care, on the other hand, is quite quick in responding and listens to complaints patiently and tries to resolve them at the earliest.”

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