Saturday, March 21, 2020

Let's Work from Home

First of all, Let me tell you that I am trying out a new font

So it might not make sense in the future but this time in the year 2020 the world was in the grip of fear of a virus called Corona Virus or COVID-19 but like many countries, in India as well schools and colleges were closed till 31st March and offices were also starting the same.

Our office got there a little late but finally, most of the staff is now set to work from home and though few people were able to go off yesterday or even before and I got delayed by this reason or that reason and finally I am all set to start work from home and this is the test to see that everything is working properly.

Like most of the companies, our company also decided the sent the machines to the home with the workers. So I also brought my machine with me so that I can perform my job and Work from Home and with that in mind this test is being done on the machine just to ensure that everything is working before I have to actually start the work in the evening of Monday. After all, I work in the night shifts supporting US customers. 

So this is just kinda normal reporting post updating about the situation and now I mostly in the home and I was already doing so as wife and kid are wife's home as kid's exams were done so so so I am in isolation and it goes and on and on.

Thursday, March 12, 2020

There is no reason other than Laziness

And with that wonderful title let's begin our first post of this blog for this year. Just like that in the blink of an eye more than a year passed since the last post here. What did we do? Well a whole lot of things and then nothing much, Nothing at all. Or if you wanna be positive then I did a whole lot of things in my life and enjoyed the time but the reason why the blogs were left neglected would be simple laziness after all these are not very high-brow articles that are well researched or whatnot. But rather these are simple musings on a possibly deranged mind. Now that's a peaceful thought to leave dangling in one's mind, eh?

So, what else happened in the past year is worth repeating well too much honestly, and nothing too. Well, right now the entire world is in the grasp of the fear of the Novel Corona Virus which originated in the Wuhan district in China and is spreading across the world, and though there's no cure available right now, all the countries are trying multiple ways to limit infections. From quarantine to mandatory checking to more but this is more like the current news not the review of the last year. 

Well, last year went something like this I read a lot of books, clicked a lot of photos, and created a new Instagram page for my photography, well while you are here then kindly follow me too ( :). The family is doing fine cousin got married last year. He is happy and I am happy for him. I finally build an awesome computer for myself which will help me in editing photos and hopefully soon videos. I have plans to start not one but two youtube channels. One would be focused on photography while others would be the Booktube channel. Hopefully, by the time, I can collect my energy for the next post I would have more information about the channels and hopefully links to a couple of videos too. 

And hopefully, I would have some more updates on the damn first book which is still pending in the first chapter. Maybe and maybe next time this post will be sooner than I am able to do anything at all but at least that would mean that I got off my lazy ass and updated my blogs in time.