Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Winner takes it all

It was another lazy sunday morning and the entire family was spread in front of the TV waiting for the snacks to arrive.

India was again playing Sri Lanka as we watch all cricket matches especially India's so the match was on.

"Papa why is that we play Sri Lanka so often?" Asked my son

I had no easy answer for this question may be it had to do with the International Cricket schedule or it was all about money.

"Beta, the schedule is made such." That's all I could manage.

"What's the point of winning if you win against just one opponent?" pat came another question

"Winning is winning, but I suppose you are right too." This was getting exciting

"Why is winning so important?" I love my son

"Because beta, we have conditioned ourselves to recognize the winners and forget the losers." I said

"Huh?" Of course my son is still a kid

"See, beta, Winner takes it all." I was bracing for another question

"Sixer, wow what a shot." My son was again lost in the match as another six went past the boundary

But now I was lost in my thoughts

It was actually true that we care only about the winners. 

Achievements of losers don't matter to us anymore.  

After all its true Winner Takes it all.

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Winning - The Way of Life

What does winning mean to you? ask someone that question who has never won. But that is simply not true as we are born when one sperm wins the race to reach the ovaries, so the life begins with a win. Then you win by actually being born in the world.

So to say that someone has never won is simply not true.

But it is something different when you experience the win yourself. Winning is passing an exam, winning is winning a race or a match, winning is success. 

After All its only by winning small battles you win an actual war.

And its not empty words too, you study to pass exams. You prepare to get through the interviews. Then you get to be the lucky one to get that coveted job. So, see how you won those small battles all those years to win a big war finally making you feel successful.

We all know that no. of successful people is way less than the people who didn't make it. So being successful is being a winner. And that is what India Today Conclave 2014 is all about, its a celebration of winners and all about winning. 

Its not about showing people down who don't feel like winners but a platform to encourage people to understand and identify the winner inside of us all so that everyone can be a winner in their own way. After all not everyone can be an actor, musician or writer. But There is enough space and opportunity for people to do their own work and be successful in their own right.

For me winning is everything and is nothing. Don't get me wrong I do love winning, I am a human after all. But winning is not all supreme to me. I would never take a wrong way to win, I would never cheat to win a match or to get a job. I love winning but I know that the inner satisfaction I get by winning with my own hard work is supreme and I can never get that feeling if I win by wrongdoing. 

Winning is Power. Winning is Success. Winning is Life. Winning is Satisfaction but winning is only satisfaction if its bring you Inner Peace.

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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Indian Traffic - Ki Condition Serious Hai

There are so many things in India jinki Condition serious hai but nothing can beat our own Indian traffic. How can one define Indian traffic, how else other than by this simple photo.

Credit - E9fun.com

That photo is so funny because its true. Just look at the photo below

Credit - Rediff.com
And you never know when you would meet an animal on the roads from Dogs, Pigs, Cows and even to rare sights in a city like camels and even Elephants. And they just keep on walking rest of the people have to find their own way as might know Elephants don't believe in giving sides.

Credit - Rediff.com
And when there are no animals which is never the case then your way may be blocked by some celebration - march of a party or mostly by a wedding.

Credit - http://enjoyingindia.com
When some foreigner comes to India beside our natural beauty and religion they are most enamoured by our Traffic and they unanimously agree that Iski to Condition serious hai.

May be we can give all a Cadbury 5 Star to cure this Serious Condition. After all it's a known cure to treat all kind of Seriousness.

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Back with a bang .. well sort of

Well well well what have we got here with the new update to the Indirank .. admittedly I fell behind a little with the birth of my child and stopped with the blogging somewhat. This resulted in my indirank being downgraded across all my blogs.

But then I started working again on my blogs.. and the result was very quick .. very quick in deed. Now it may not seem  a lot to you but for me it is enough .. for now at least LOL.

so what happened, you ask?

well what happened is that now 4 of my blogs are in Top-30 blogs of Bhopal. I know I know where I stand and my ambitions are local for now, but for long if I get serious about blogging I would make sure that my blog is one of the top blogs on India too. But Alas my attention span is too small that is good news for all the awesome bloggers around India most of them are my friends. 

Here are two of blogs in Top-20 blogs of Bhopal No. 16 and No. 18.

and here goes:

And there goes my no. 21 and No. 30 blogs rounding off Top-30 blogs of Bhopal and I have 4 blogs there .. once again 4. That is more than 10% of Top-30.

So let's now come back to the earth. Yes it is not ground breaking achievement but it is for me in some measure because two of these blogs are the ones which I resurrected from dead and now they are nearing top of the blogs in Bhopal.

I am little bit proud but not at all arrogant as my tone for this post may have indicated. My message to all my fellow bloggers in Bhopal and all across India.

You all are doing awesome work keep on doing it.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Knowledge is Great

Knowledge is Great because it's a never ending story, it's a never ending pursuit, it's life. If you stop learning, stop acquiring knowledge then what's the point of living. I consider myself a constant student so I keep on reading. I learn how the masters write by reading their work. I watch movies to see the masters in action. I study the works of the masters to learn more about photography. I listen to the songs to experience the joy which you get while listening to greatness and greatness comes from knowledge.

Knowledge is Great ... its one of the truest sentence.

I have been contemplating going to a good university for advance studies. When I saw this wonderful competition organized by http://knowledgeisgreat.in/ where in we could write about a specific subject/specialization which we would like to do from UK, question is why and where?

George SquareGlasgow, Scotland (Credit Wikipedia.com)
The Picture above is of George Square in Glasgow, Scotland, it is one of the largest city in UK and its where I would like to go to study further. It has the highest population density in Scotland.

I work as Group Lead, IT Helpdesk so IT is my field. But I write as well and love to click photos too. So it's really tough to chose a single field to study. If I have a chose a field I know the least about it would be photography.

So I would love to pursue a course to study/spatialize in Photography, so that I can be an even better photographer. I mean look that the photos of Glasgow isn't it simply beautiful and Scotland's natural beauty is often talked about and wrote about. If a nature's heaven is not conducive for pictures I don't know what is.

Famous Places in Glasgow (Credit Wikipedia)
Now once the difficulty of choosing the subject is over let's continue to the even trickier part of choosing a college/university. Since I already chose Glasgow as my educational destination, my choices must come from there, between 'University of Glasgow' and 'The Glasgow school of Art'. Since my selected course is 'Creative Arts & Design' I would love to study in 'The Glasgow School of Art' because if you have an institution focused on a single stream you get better facilities and faculties.

So if I ever get a chance to study in UK I would go for a course in 'Creative Arts & Design' from 'The Glasgow School or Art'. Since I am interested in going for a course in Photography I chose Glasgow as its a mix of old world charm and great Sci-Fi buildings. And as a country Scotland is extremely beautiful and as I am a part time writer and part time photographer I am inclined to go for beautiful things.

And I would like to finish by saying that the quest for knowledge should never cease because 'Knowledge is Great'  and 'Knowledge is Life'.

This contest was organized by http://knowledgeisgreat.in/ and indiblogger.in I am thankful to both of them for providing me this wonderful opportunity.