Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Winning - The Way of Life

What does winning mean to you? ask someone that question who has never won. But that is simply not true as we are born when one sperm wins the race to reach the ovaries, so the life begins with a win. Then you win by actually being born in the world.

So to say that someone has never won is simply not true.

But it is something different when you experience the win yourself. Winning is passing an exam, winning is winning a race or a match, winning is success. 

After All its only by winning small battles you win an actual war.

And its not empty words too, you study to pass exams. You prepare to get through the interviews. Then you get to be the lucky one to get that coveted job. So, see how you won those small battles all those years to win a big war finally making you feel successful.

We all know that no. of successful people is way less than the people who didn't make it. So being successful is being a winner. And that is what India Today Conclave 2014 is all about, its a celebration of winners and all about winning. 

Its not about showing people down who don't feel like winners but a platform to encourage people to understand and identify the winner inside of us all so that everyone can be a winner in their own way. After all not everyone can be an actor, musician or writer. But There is enough space and opportunity for people to do their own work and be successful in their own right.

For me winning is everything and is nothing. Don't get me wrong I do love winning, I am a human after all. But winning is not all supreme to me. I would never take a wrong way to win, I would never cheat to win a match or to get a job. I love winning but I know that the inner satisfaction I get by winning with my own hard work is supreme and I can never get that feeling if I win by wrongdoing. 

Winning is Power. Winning is Success. Winning is Life. Winning is Satisfaction but winning is only satisfaction if its bring you Inner Peace.

This post has been written for the contest organized by India Today Conclave 2014 and indiblogger.in 


  1. Nicely expressed.
    "winning is only satisfaction if it brings you Inner Peace."
    Agree with this. Winning has no point if we know in our heart of hearts that we are not deserving of it! These days people adopt unfair means to win. But, there won't be any peace! That means it is Losing & not Winning!
    Best wishes!


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