Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Winner takes it all

It was another lazy sunday morning and the entire family was spread in front of the TV waiting for the snacks to arrive.

India was again playing Sri Lanka as we watch all cricket matches especially India's so the match was on.

"Papa why is that we play Sri Lanka so often?" Asked my son

I had no easy answer for this question may be it had to do with the International Cricket schedule or it was all about money.

"Beta, the schedule is made such." That's all I could manage.

"What's the point of winning if you win against just one opponent?" pat came another question

"Winning is winning, but I suppose you are right too." This was getting exciting

"Why is winning so important?" I love my son

"Because beta, we have conditioned ourselves to recognize the winners and forget the losers." I said

"Huh?" Of course my son is still a kid

"See, beta, Winner takes it all." I was bracing for another question

"Sixer, wow what a shot." My son was again lost in the match as another six went past the boundary

But now I was lost in my thoughts

It was actually true that we care only about the winners. 

Achievements of losers don't matter to us anymore.  

After all its true Winner Takes it all.

This post is written by me for contest organized by India Today and indiblogger.in


  1. I would like to hope it is not all about winning that it still matters
    how we play the game. Did we play fair and try our best? If
    so, then there is pride in that and we learn something in the
    journey of life.

    1. You are absolutely right TD but that's in my other post, I just wanted to write something different for my second post for the contest.


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