Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Cowardice of Taliban

So Taliban attacked a school in Peshawar and killed more than 130 students to prove which point?

The point that they are a group of monsters and coward idiots who have nothing better to do than trying to intimidate kids. First Malala and now this barbaric act. It is a fact known to almost everyone that this and other group of terrorists calling themselves Muslim are not Muslims. Because I live is Bhopal and I have many Muslim friends and Colleagues who would never support such acts.

Taliban says that its an act of revenge against Pakistan government but if it's an act of revenge then are they such cowards that they can't attack the government or military? Admittedly Taliban and Terrorist attacks have been Pakistan's problems for last few years but they still don't acknowledge their hand in creation of the giant of terrorism instead blaming India for the attacks.

Pakistan was the breeding ground for terrorism and now the baby which they birthed is vying to destroy their parent - Pakistan. I am extremely sad about this unnecessary loss of innocent lives. The kids who didn't know any better, kids who were in the school to learn to secure their future. Yet in a horrific act of cowardice their future was stolen from them. Many a families hopes and dreams were shattered because some people are hiding behind religion like they have always done throughout history. They hide behind religion so that people can be goaded or mislead in joining them.

No religion in the world advocates death and blood of innocents least of it Islam.  I am not sure what else would Pakistan need to act upon the menace of terrorism and destroy it from the inside out so that the entire sub-continent and world can be safer. We need this because it is possible only after world peace that we can usher into a future which is better than the present. Where innocents won't be killed just because they are not from the same religion or may be even if they from the same religion. No one should worry about loosing their lives when they are on the road, in the office or in the school.

I am too sad and too outraged to stop and for that reason I would have to stop or I would keep on writing and nobody would be able to read this. In the end I would like to say that I am a human being do not support such barbaric acts of cowardice and hope that the governments which are elected for the progress of country and safe keeping of it's citizens start doing just that instead of harboring hatred and malice towards their neighbors. 


  1. nicely written post, killing innocent couldn't be the way to take revenge

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    1. Sorry man couldn't participate as I was stuck in few issues.

  3. Thanks for sharing this post, Nicely written..


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