Thursday, December 11, 2014

Hunger vs Education

If you have to choose between hunger and education, what would you chose? No child should have to face that question but unfortunately in our country that is the reality of millions of kids who have to answer that question on a daily basis. 

In India there are millions of people living below poverty line and struggle daily for their survival and in order to do that they rope in all of their family members to assist them but due to that kids can't attend school and miss out out on the future which education would've provided them.

In order to attract kids to school many programs were started like mid-day meal to make sure that kids are provided a healthy meal during lunch and they could build their futures too with the gift of education. Unfortunately in spite of valuable effort by many good people and organizations kids in classes still go hungry.

In order to make sure that no kids go hungry in our school's classrooms we need to ensure that we run programs and ensure that we are able to provide healthy meal to the kids without fail. This aim would only be possible if everyone joins hand and take oath to ensure that no food is wasted ever again. We need to improve storage and infrastructure all across India to ensure that we safe as much as good right from the start. We lose millions tons of wheat every year as it’s stored in open fields rather than a closed warehouses.

Sadly we are a wasteful society, just think about how much food is wasted after a wedding function and we have thousands of weddings each month and we can make sure that instead of wasting that food it is used for feeding kids in school. Once again everyone has to join hands to ensure that we make our dream India of future.

Just think of the possibilities if we are able to ensure that each student is fed and educated. Education is solution to most of our problems and if everyone is educated we can be a hub for skilled labor too and provide a tough competition to countries like China and Taiwan etc. in production of highly technical products like computer parts and smartphones etc.

I am really glad that has provided us bloggers this chance to help feed a child for a year and I applaud this initiative and hope that all the bloggers India have come together to help kids have a future.

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