Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Yay Milestone

I am not yet sure of it but this entry makes it my 5th entry today across 3 different blogs. This is a milestone because 4 of these posts are written. Yay .. I have posted more than 5 posts in a day but those were photos never before did I write 4 different posts in one day or rather in One and a half hour.

So here's the breakdown

1. Written part 5 of 'Paths to Death' series on my Short Story blog Story Teller
2. Posted two pics to a Bat on my photography blog.
3. Written a post as part of a contest by Racold, this is important because I had never written a post for a contest so soon #WhatsThatSmellBoss.
4. One personal post.
5. This post :)

So Enjoy and keep on reading .. 


Please share your feedback too.