Friday, March 14, 2014

The Dream Library

As a reader I like nothing more than to read and to buy books and magazines. I just love the sight of my books placed neatly in their book cases waiting to be read or re-read. This week's Indi-spire topic allowed me to turn my mind up to 11 to dream up my perfect library.

I just love the smell of books be it new or old. But along with the physical books I also love the    e-books for the convenience they provide. I would ensure that both the areas are equally catered. I am pretty possessive about my books but that would not be the case with my library as people would be welcomed to enjoy the works of masters.

I would have rows and rows of book cases which would have all the books I could find and then some more. Books would be arranged by authors. The building itself would be at least 10 stories high. I have learned one thing after buying so many books and reading them that there are far more books than I can hope to read in my lifetime. But I would still love to have all the books I could manage to have. If only to preserve them.

On each floor there would be multiple reading nooks, reading spots by the window with the wonderful view outside the windows as many windows would have a different view set for them. Meaning I would have different style of garden set outside of window so that I or the reader could enjoy the view while reading. There would also be different type e-readers available on multiple locations on all the floors so that people can read.

There would be tablets and computers available on all the floors so assist people and me to search for the book I want and also to go online.

Now coming to the building, my library's every floor would be decorated differently. Each floor would have enough natural light to ensure that I am able to look for the books and read them without using too much electricity.

I could go on and on about my dream library but let's keep it short and stop my thoughts here itself. See you all in my library when the dream becomes a reality.

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  1. Thats a beautiful dream, I know what being possessive(as in having two bloodhounds guard the entrance) about your books mean. :D

    (as in having two bloodhounds guard the entrance)

    1. :) thanks for the encouraging words Rupertt. And yes I am way way possessive about my books.


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