Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Smelly Encounters

This post has been written for the contest organized by Racold and Indiblogger.in

As soon as i saw this contest, my mind took me back among 400 students all sitting in a single room studying for PET (Pre Engineering Test) or IIT.

You can very well imagine the situation where in you pack 400 kids together in a room at 6 AM in the mornings.

Seating for Boys and Girls were obviously separate and how fatal was that for me.

One fine sleepy morning I found myself sitting in the class trying to focus on the topic been taught between the bouts of sleep.

And then I had that Smelly Encounter which scarred me for life and I found myself gagging due that reeking body odour and I uttered "What's that Smell, Boss?"  

Everyone looked towards me and I looked towards the floor willing to go through it.

Well after few minutes the class continued but my nose was gone for the week. I had no choice then to lean forward a bit and whisper in the ear of the smelly guy in front of me.

"Boss, try to bath once in a while. I hear there are some very good water heaters available in the market." I then I fell silent trying to kill the smell in my mind.

But that particular day was ruined to the core.

It was that day 16 years ago and its now and I still sniff around the room if I am gonna sit among lot of people after all some 'Smelly Encounters' are very hard to forget.

This post has been written for the contest organized by Racold and Indiblogger.in

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