Sunday, March 30, 2014

Getting Ready for A-Z April Challenge 2014

So its just 1 day away ... i.e. 1st April and official start of April A-Z Challenge 2014. I have two blogs listed for this challenge.

1. (Story Teller)
2. (My Third Eye)

First one is my blog for short stories and other one is my photography blog. Hope to be able to complete the challenge at least for one blog. Last time I tried to post at least one thing daily my internet went away for 18 days hopefully this time would be different.

What I want to achieve by this challenge is to be regular with my blogging and even more spontaneous so that  I am able to improve as a story teller and as occasional writer. My aim is simple at least for the story blog, I will be writing a short story for each day. Photography would be a little tricky so I would be relying quite a bit on my photo bank too.

So all the best to fellow A-Zers and may you all finish the challenge.

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