Thursday, March 20, 2014


Another Indirank refresh and again some milestones thanks for this. Quite few of my blogs are ranked in top 20 blogs in Bhopal now. Actually its 4 of my blogs in Top-20 blogs in Bhopal across all genres.

Not only this but I also had happiness on national level too to as Genre specifically my blog is ranked wonderfully too.

here goes ... 

If we search indiblogger for blogs under 'Fiction' genre then my blog Story Teller is ranked 51 in 681 blogs all across India.

Fiction Ranking in India

Now if we search for 'Stories' genre then my blog Story Teller is ranked 50 in 1129 blogs all across India.

Stories Ranking in India
Now the interesting and wonderful things of all the blogs in Bhopal my blog 'Story Teller' is ranked no. 10.

Rank 10 for Story Teller
Now out of blogs in 11-20 range I have three blogs which make it 4 blogs in Top-20 blogs in Bhopal, India. The blogs are

No. 13 - My Third Eye (My Photography Blog)

No. 15 - The Sixth Sense
Rank 13 and 15
And last but not the least I have my photography blog on wordpress on No. 19. 

No. 19 - Vikas Khair Photography

Rank 19 for Vikas Khair Photography
I am making a conscious effort to be more regular with my blogging and IndiRank results show that. When you see the results of your work so quickly then it encourages you to go further and do much more.
I Congrat all the top rankers in Bhopal and everywhere in India and hope that everyone would keep on blogging and keep the scene alive.

Take Care and keep on blogging.


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