Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Cowardice of Taliban

So Taliban attacked a school in Peshawar and killed more than 130 students to prove which point?

The point that they are a group of monsters and coward idiots who have nothing better to do than trying to intimidate kids. First Malala and now this barbaric act. It is a fact known to almost everyone that this and other group of terrorists calling themselves Muslim are not Muslims. Because I live is Bhopal and I have many Muslim friends and Colleagues who would never support such acts.

Taliban says that its an act of revenge against Pakistan government but if it's an act of revenge then are they such cowards that they can't attack the government or military? Admittedly Taliban and Terrorist attacks have been Pakistan's problems for last few years but they still don't acknowledge their hand in creation of the giant of terrorism instead blaming India for the attacks.

Pakistan was the breeding ground for terrorism and now the baby which they birthed is vying to destroy their parent - Pakistan. I am extremely sad about this unnecessary loss of innocent lives. The kids who didn't know any better, kids who were in the school to learn to secure their future. Yet in a horrific act of cowardice their future was stolen from them. Many a families hopes and dreams were shattered because some people are hiding behind religion like they have always done throughout history. They hide behind religion so that people can be goaded or mislead in joining them.

No religion in the world advocates death and blood of innocents least of it Islam.  I am not sure what else would Pakistan need to act upon the menace of terrorism and destroy it from the inside out so that the entire sub-continent and world can be safer. We need this because it is possible only after world peace that we can usher into a future which is better than the present. Where innocents won't be killed just because they are not from the same religion or may be even if they from the same religion. No one should worry about loosing their lives when they are on the road, in the office or in the school.

I am too sad and too outraged to stop and for that reason I would have to stop or I would keep on writing and nobody would be able to read this. In the end I would like to say that I am a human being do not support such barbaric acts of cowardice and hope that the governments which are elected for the progress of country and safe keeping of it's citizens start doing just that instead of harboring hatred and malice towards their neighbors. 

Thursday, December 11, 2014

5K Pageviews Yay!!!!

So although I am far away from being a popular blogger still my friends keep assisting me by visiting my blogs.

Notification in Blogger

So once again another milestone, my non-fiction blog "The Sixth Sense" has received it's 5000th page view today.

I would like to thank and to give me opportunity to participate in contests and thus bringing in more readers to my blog posts. Thanks to these wonderful platform and to all my friends. I will keep on striving to be more regular on my blogs thus giving you reasons to keep coming back to my blog.

Page View counts on my blog

A Better Future?

According to you what would be a better future? The one promised by Sci-Fi movies and novels or the one where no kid goes hungry and our country is 100% educated. I believe almost everyone would agree that the second version is better because once we ensure that kids in our country are well off and educated only then can we expect to grow to be a developed country.

Unfortunately even before we do that we have to take care of our present and ensure that we as a society and a country make sure that children of our country don't have to choose between education or food. Sadly it's a truth that even after so many years of our independence there's a even bigger divide between rich and poor and many families and children are forced live under poverty where in most of the times they aren't even sure of their next meal.

When it comes down to the choice people would always choose food over other options as it is tied directly towards our survival. What we can do is make sure that children in our schools are fed properly so that they are motivated to attend school and create a better future for themselves as well. We need to increase awareness about the fact that education is the only real way to rise out of poverty. And the more educated people we have, more earning for family would be there.

In any case we shouldn't have to worry about these questions but unfortunately we have the biggest gaps in the disparity when it comes down to rich India and poor Bharat. On one hands we have shiny and modern malls and then we have slums joined with the same malls. It should be everyone's responsibility that we ensure that the no food what so ever is wasted anywhere across the country, because we can't afford to waste any food when a large part of our country's population lives below poverty line.

      We have to make sure that our infrastructure is improved throughout to ensure that we start taking care of edible items right from the fields and there should not be any wastage when our farmers put in their body and soul to increase the yield of their fields. It would  a slow process but we already have many wonderful people working towards the betterment of the scenario and organization like "Akshaya Patra" are doing just that and I applaud for overtaking such a noble initiative.

Hunger vs Education

If you have to choose between hunger and education, what would you chose? No child should have to face that question but unfortunately in our country that is the reality of millions of kids who have to answer that question on a daily basis. 

In India there are millions of people living below poverty line and struggle daily for their survival and in order to do that they rope in all of their family members to assist them but due to that kids can't attend school and miss out out on the future which education would've provided them.

In order to attract kids to school many programs were started like mid-day meal to make sure that kids are provided a healthy meal during lunch and they could build their futures too with the gift of education. Unfortunately in spite of valuable effort by many good people and organizations kids in classes still go hungry.

In order to make sure that no kids go hungry in our school's classrooms we need to ensure that we run programs and ensure that we are able to provide healthy meal to the kids without fail. This aim would only be possible if everyone joins hand and take oath to ensure that no food is wasted ever again. We need to improve storage and infrastructure all across India to ensure that we safe as much as good right from the start. We lose millions tons of wheat every year as it’s stored in open fields rather than a closed warehouses.

Sadly we are a wasteful society, just think about how much food is wasted after a wedding function and we have thousands of weddings each month and we can make sure that instead of wasting that food it is used for feeding kids in school. Once again everyone has to join hands to ensure that we make our dream India of future.

Just think of the possibilities if we are able to ensure that each student is fed and educated. Education is solution to most of our problems and if everyone is educated we can be a hub for skilled labor too and provide a tough competition to countries like China and Taiwan etc. in production of highly technical products like computer parts and smartphones etc.

I am really glad that has provided us bloggers this chance to help feed a child for a year and I applaud this initiative and hope that all the bloggers India have come together to help kids have a future.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Pre-Marital Sex, Yes or No?

This post has been written for a contest organized by with Poonaam Uppal asking us a question - "YES or NO to Pre-Marital Sex"

To begin with an answer I say YES to the Pre-Marital Sex, and I am married so don't think I am being greedy by saying yes to Pre-Marital Sex.

Now to provide the explanation behind my answer. Sex or Making Love is the culmination or destination of all relationships. The problem is with our thinking which has distorted and portrayed a beautiful thing like sex as a hideous monster. Almost everyone in our BIG country is afraid to talk about sex, why?

Sex makes us uncomfortable no scratch that sex doesn't make us uncomfortable it's talking about sex that makes us uncomfortable. Of course we all love sex, our population is proof to that. There should be more discussions on sex so that we as a society can be comfortable talking about sex or discussing our problems related to sex. We should not be shy about asking for condoms at the medical shop. 

I am in support of Pre-Marital Sex because it's a personal matter between two people who are in love and we have no right to comment about anybody's personal life. If two people love each other and trust each other then there is no reason why can't they have sex provided they use protection that's where proper sex education comes in picture. 

Like most of the important educations either our schools skip it or we skip it. There are very few trained drivers on our roads because most of us learn driving from our elder brothers or friends. Same thing is with the sex, since we have no proper sex education, people seek alternate channels to know more about it and then it takes them through seedy paths forming a negative or unnatural picture about the whole process.

I am in favour of Pre-Marital Sex because it's a debate mostly because if people have Pre-Marital Sex and they don't get married then the girl will no longer be a virgin, what a shame? Actually this entire concept of virginity is so contrived because all around the world only girls are expected to be virgins but no one puts that responsibility for boys. If sexual relations are alright for boys before wedding then same should be allowed for girls too. 

Why Pre-Marital Sex is big thing now because we as a species are highly sexual and as early as 70-80 years ago the average age of marriage in our country was under 18 which is now in late 20s. Now people are geared more towards affairs and relationships before they get married. And if two responsible adults have a relationship then what they do in that relationship is their business and nobody else's.

So I would like to stop here saying once again that I support and say YES to Pre-Marital Sex because as per me this is are not wrong just use protection kids.

This post has been written for a contest organized by with Poonaam Uppal asking us a question - "YES or NO to Pre-Marital Sex"

Thursday, August 28, 2014


So today I bought a small earbud pack for Rs. 20 which must be double or four times its original value. 

Why did I do that? 

Did I not know that it was overpriced? 

I was very well aware that it was overpriced but I still bought it. 

Why? Because I wanted to support the person selling it who was very old and disheveled and I was happy that rather than just begging for money at least he was trying to offer something albeit overpriced. 

My philosophy is simple when we can spend money on over priced and unnecessary stuff in malls and coffee shops then this money spent was well spent, in fact very well spent.

After all along with the buds I also received lot of 

blessings from the man.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Update: 23 Posts in a day...

So its final at the end of the day with this entry there would be total 23 blog posts by me in a single day.

I am saving the last entry of Blogging from A to Z April Challenge 2014 for my photography blog for tomorrow.

I had two blogs in the contest and I have completed the challenge for my stories blog and hopefully would complete the same for my photography blog too.

Somehow I stopped updating my stories blog at the letter L and my photography blog at the letter Q. And since there were only two days remaining in April which meant I would either have to hurry or fail the challenge.

I chose the first option and wrote 23 posts in a day, Yay!! for the spirit.

Blogging from A to Z April Challenge 2014 made sure that for most of the month I posted at least one entry everyday on schedule. So I have 26 posts for the month which is maximum for me like ever in a month.

13 short stories in a day.. phew

So finally I did it I was stuck in a rut and was not able to contribute daily to the Blogging from A to Z April challenge. 

So I did what anyone serious in finishing the challenge would do. I raised my chin up and finished the challenge for my short stories blog I drummed up 13 shorts stories in little more than 8 hours to finish the challenge. 

Now on to my photo blog which needs 9 entries to be completed.

So wish me luck..

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Blogs status update - Good News

Okay so no pictures this time around. Indiranks have again been refreshed and quite few of my blogs have made jumps and some have fallen as I am busy with Blogging from A to Z April Challenge with two of my blogs they benefited the most. So with the new update I still have 4 blogs in Top-20 blogs in Bhopal. But now I have two blogs in Top-20 for the very first time. Ranks for my blogs in Top-20 are as follows:

9   - Story Teller
10 - My Third Eye
14 - The Sixth Sense 
16 - Books are Magical

So there you have it, I am happy but not too much as blogs are fine but life not so much. Promise there would again be pictures of the rankings next time.

Friday, April 4, 2014

I hate these 10

This week's IndiSpire's topic is #10Questions i.e. '10 Questions you hate being asked' so let's dive right in.

India is a curious country after all everyone is so curious to learn everything about you and your family, in fact your entire background. I would have to really think to find out the 10 questions which I hate the most but hopefully I would be able to list them sooner than later.

So these are 10 questions which I hate the most

1. What's your Cast?
2. Why do you love being alone?
3. Why do you buy so many books?
4. Why do you keep on reading all the time?
5. How can you read such a big book, don't you get bored?
6. Why do you listen to english songs or watch english movies?
7. How can you watch movie in theater alone?
8. Why don't you eat non-veg?
9. Why can't you work out to stay fit?
10. Why don't you save money?

So there goes my list of 10 questions which I hate to be asked. Some may be justified some may not but my list is my list :)

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Getting Ready for A-Z April Challenge 2014

So its just 1 day away ... i.e. 1st April and official start of April A-Z Challenge 2014. I have two blogs listed for this challenge.

1. (Story Teller)
2. (My Third Eye)

First one is my blog for short stories and other one is my photography blog. Hope to be able to complete the challenge at least for one blog. Last time I tried to post at least one thing daily my internet went away for 18 days hopefully this time would be different.

What I want to achieve by this challenge is to be regular with my blogging and even more spontaneous so that  I am able to improve as a story teller and as occasional writer. My aim is simple at least for the story blog, I will be writing a short story for each day. Photography would be a little tricky so I would be relying quite a bit on my photo bank too.

So all the best to fellow A-Zers and may you all finish the challenge.

Thursday, March 20, 2014


Another Indirank refresh and again some milestones thanks for this. Quite few of my blogs are ranked in top 20 blogs in Bhopal now. Actually its 4 of my blogs in Top-20 blogs in Bhopal across all genres.

Not only this but I also had happiness on national level too to as Genre specifically my blog is ranked wonderfully too.

here goes ... 

If we search indiblogger for blogs under 'Fiction' genre then my blog Story Teller is ranked 51 in 681 blogs all across India.

Fiction Ranking in India

Now if we search for 'Stories' genre then my blog Story Teller is ranked 50 in 1129 blogs all across India.

Stories Ranking in India
Now the interesting and wonderful things of all the blogs in Bhopal my blog 'Story Teller' is ranked no. 10.

Rank 10 for Story Teller
Now out of blogs in 11-20 range I have three blogs which make it 4 blogs in Top-20 blogs in Bhopal, India. The blogs are

No. 13 - My Third Eye (My Photography Blog)

No. 15 - The Sixth Sense
Rank 13 and 15
And last but not the least I have my photography blog on wordpress on No. 19. 

No. 19 - Vikas Khair Photography

Rank 19 for Vikas Khair Photography
I am making a conscious effort to be more regular with my blogging and IndiRank results show that. When you see the results of your work so quickly then it encourages you to go further and do much more.
I Congrat all the top rankers in Bhopal and everywhere in India and hope that everyone would keep on blogging and keep the scene alive.

Take Care and keep on blogging.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Malaysia Magic

I am participating in the MalaysiaJao Blogathon Contest in association with

I have been provided an awesome opportunity to visit Malaysia by and nothing can stop me from entering the contest.

If I only get to visit 5 places in awesome Malaysia then these would be my choices after all I am a die hard nature lover and love to visit all the different kinds of places.

1. First and Foremost I would love to visit Petronas Towers in the Capital city of Kuala Lumpur as we would be landing in the city and also its a modern architectural  wonder and no one can afford to miss it. And the night view of the building is simply breath taking.

Petronas Twin Towers - Photo Credit
2. Second place on visit on my radar would be Lego-land Malaysia theme park, its the first of its kind in Asia, and is situated in Nusajaya, Johor. Now when something is unique in an entire continent and you gotta have to visit it. I guarantee that no grown up would be able to resist turning into a kid up on visiting this miniature blocky wonderland.

Lego-land Building - Photo Credit
3. Next I would like to have some beach fun at Batu Ferringhi Beach in Penang district. It's time for some adventure as I would run along the vast beaches and enjoy the pure water of the sea. And how could I leave the chance to laze around the sands of the beach.

Clean and Super Beaches - Photo Credit
4. Now it would be nature time and to enjoy the company of some wonderful birds and animals at Gunung Mulu National Park in Sarawak state. In Mulu, there is so much to explore that I am not sure one can complete everything in a single day. Here we can  find one of the worlds biggest cave passage, Deer Cave. The massive caves here are home to millions of bats and cave swiftlets that swarm out into the jungle in great clouds every evening at dusk! 

Birds swarming the evening sky - photo credit

Jungle Bridge @ Gunung Mulu National Park Photo Credit
5. My final pick would be water villages of Kampung Bebuloh and Kampung Patau-Patau in Labuan. These villages are largely populated by fishermen and their houses are built right on the edge of the waterway and tourist are allowed to visit the villages to observe the unique life style of these villagers. Every house has a boat which they use to move around. This is also an experience which you can not miss.

Fisherman in action - water village -

Actually if you ask me then picking 5 places to visit in Malaysia is very daunting task due to multiple wonderful places in each state. If allowed then I would like to spends months in Malaysia exploring all the wonderful states and their attractions. Malaysia is truly magical.

This post has been written for contest organized by and Malaysia Tourism

Friday, March 14, 2014

The Dream Library

As a reader I like nothing more than to read and to buy books and magazines. I just love the sight of my books placed neatly in their book cases waiting to be read or re-read. This week's Indi-spire topic allowed me to turn my mind up to 11 to dream up my perfect library.

I just love the smell of books be it new or old. But along with the physical books I also love the    e-books for the convenience they provide. I would ensure that both the areas are equally catered. I am pretty possessive about my books but that would not be the case with my library as people would be welcomed to enjoy the works of masters.

I would have rows and rows of book cases which would have all the books I could find and then some more. Books would be arranged by authors. The building itself would be at least 10 stories high. I have learned one thing after buying so many books and reading them that there are far more books than I can hope to read in my lifetime. But I would still love to have all the books I could manage to have. If only to preserve them.

On each floor there would be multiple reading nooks, reading spots by the window with the wonderful view outside the windows as many windows would have a different view set for them. Meaning I would have different style of garden set outside of window so that I or the reader could enjoy the view while reading. There would also be different type e-readers available on multiple locations on all the floors so that people can read.

There would be tablets and computers available on all the floors so assist people and me to search for the book I want and also to go online.

Now coming to the building, my library's every floor would be decorated differently. Each floor would have enough natural light to ensure that I am able to look for the books and read them without using too much electricity.

I could go on and on about my dream library but let's keep it short and stop my thoughts here itself. See you all in my library when the dream becomes a reality.

This post was written for Indi-Spire initiative by

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Yay Milestone

I am not yet sure of it but this entry makes it my 5th entry today across 3 different blogs. This is a milestone because 4 of these posts are written. Yay .. I have posted more than 5 posts in a day but those were photos never before did I write 4 different posts in one day or rather in One and a half hour.

So here's the breakdown

1. Written part 5 of 'Paths to Death' series on my Short Story blog Story Teller
2. Posted two pics to a Bat on my photography blog.
3. Written a post as part of a contest by Racold, this is important because I had never written a post for a contest so soon #WhatsThatSmellBoss.
4. One personal post.
5. This post :)

So Enjoy and keep on reading .. 

Smelly Encounters

This post has been written for the contest organized by Racold and

As soon as i saw this contest, my mind took me back among 400 students all sitting in a single room studying for PET (Pre Engineering Test) or IIT.

You can very well imagine the situation where in you pack 400 kids together in a room at 6 AM in the mornings.

Seating for Boys and Girls were obviously separate and how fatal was that for me.

One fine sleepy morning I found myself sitting in the class trying to focus on the topic been taught between the bouts of sleep.

And then I had that Smelly Encounter which scarred me for life and I found myself gagging due that reeking body odour and I uttered "What's that Smell, Boss?"  

Everyone looked towards me and I looked towards the floor willing to go through it.

Well after few minutes the class continued but my nose was gone for the week. I had no choice then to lean forward a bit and whisper in the ear of the smelly guy in front of me.

"Boss, try to bath once in a while. I hear there are some very good water heaters available in the market." I then I fell silent trying to kill the smell in my mind.

But that particular day was ruined to the core.

It was that day 16 years ago and its now and I still sniff around the room if I am gonna sit among lot of people after all some 'Smelly Encounters' are very hard to forget.

This post has been written for the contest organized by Racold and

Just Another Day

So I haven't been posting anything personal on my personal blog .. irony. Do you know that I try to manage some 8 blogs and out of all those blogs this is the blog which has won me not one but two prizes. First I got a lovely 8 GB pen drive and wait for it .... A trip to Thailand .. yes my first win and that too all the way to 2nd Prize ... Now waiting to finalize the date for my maiden foreign trip.

So Life is swell..

I am swelling too or rather bloating or rather just expanding. Have to start cricket regularly soon enough if I want to be mobile. I can join the Gym too but my shift timings take care of those activities coupled with my laziness.

I know these are all excuses to cover for my laziness but have to do something before my body become too stiff to move.

But lighten up its not like I am 300 Kg heavy no sir not at all I am well below 100 I think :P the problem is that the weight coupled with lifestyle means that I have little to no stamina or flexibility which should be necessary to feel healthier.

I want to feel that way, may be I will start the morning walks again at least i would be mobile for few Kilometers at least.

Well enough ranting enough self loathing but not quite, I am happy, its just a little introspection, because its always good to consider your weaknesses and work on those.

So till the next time ... Enjoy.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Winner takes it all

It was another lazy sunday morning and the entire family was spread in front of the TV waiting for the snacks to arrive.

India was again playing Sri Lanka as we watch all cricket matches especially India's so the match was on.

"Papa why is that we play Sri Lanka so often?" Asked my son

I had no easy answer for this question may be it had to do with the International Cricket schedule or it was all about money.

"Beta, the schedule is made such." That's all I could manage.

"What's the point of winning if you win against just one opponent?" pat came another question

"Winning is winning, but I suppose you are right too." This was getting exciting

"Why is winning so important?" I love my son

"Because beta, we have conditioned ourselves to recognize the winners and forget the losers." I said

"Huh?" Of course my son is still a kid

"See, beta, Winner takes it all." I was bracing for another question

"Sixer, wow what a shot." My son was again lost in the match as another six went past the boundary

But now I was lost in my thoughts

It was actually true that we care only about the winners. 

Achievements of losers don't matter to us anymore.  

After all its true Winner Takes it all.

This post is written by me for contest organized by India Today and

Winning - The Way of Life

What does winning mean to you? ask someone that question who has never won. But that is simply not true as we are born when one sperm wins the race to reach the ovaries, so the life begins with a win. Then you win by actually being born in the world.

So to say that someone has never won is simply not true.

But it is something different when you experience the win yourself. Winning is passing an exam, winning is winning a race or a match, winning is success. 

After All its only by winning small battles you win an actual war.

And its not empty words too, you study to pass exams. You prepare to get through the interviews. Then you get to be the lucky one to get that coveted job. So, see how you won those small battles all those years to win a big war finally making you feel successful.

We all know that no. of successful people is way less than the people who didn't make it. So being successful is being a winner. And that is what India Today Conclave 2014 is all about, its a celebration of winners and all about winning. 

Its not about showing people down who don't feel like winners but a platform to encourage people to understand and identify the winner inside of us all so that everyone can be a winner in their own way. After all not everyone can be an actor, musician or writer. But There is enough space and opportunity for people to do their own work and be successful in their own right.

For me winning is everything and is nothing. Don't get me wrong I do love winning, I am a human after all. But winning is not all supreme to me. I would never take a wrong way to win, I would never cheat to win a match or to get a job. I love winning but I know that the inner satisfaction I get by winning with my own hard work is supreme and I can never get that feeling if I win by wrongdoing. 

Winning is Power. Winning is Success. Winning is Life. Winning is Satisfaction but winning is only satisfaction if its bring you Inner Peace.

This post has been written for the contest organized by India Today Conclave 2014 and 

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Indian Traffic - Ki Condition Serious Hai

There are so many things in India jinki Condition serious hai but nothing can beat our own Indian traffic. How can one define Indian traffic, how else other than by this simple photo.

Credit -

That photo is so funny because its true. Just look at the photo below

Credit -
And you never know when you would meet an animal on the roads from Dogs, Pigs, Cows and even to rare sights in a city like camels and even Elephants. And they just keep on walking rest of the people have to find their own way as might know Elephants don't believe in giving sides.

Credit -
And when there are no animals which is never the case then your way may be blocked by some celebration - march of a party or mostly by a wedding.

Credit -
When some foreigner comes to India beside our natural beauty and religion they are most enamoured by our Traffic and they unanimously agree that Iski to Condition serious hai.

May be we can give all a Cadbury 5 Star to cure this Serious Condition. After all it's a known cure to treat all kind of Seriousness.

This post has been written for #ConditionSeriousHai "Condition Serious Hai!" contest organized by Cadbury 5 Star and

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Back with a bang .. well sort of

Well well well what have we got here with the new update to the Indirank .. admittedly I fell behind a little with the birth of my child and stopped with the blogging somewhat. This resulted in my indirank being downgraded across all my blogs.

But then I started working again on my blogs.. and the result was very quick .. very quick in deed. Now it may not seem  a lot to you but for me it is enough .. for now at least LOL.

so what happened, you ask?

well what happened is that now 4 of my blogs are in Top-30 blogs of Bhopal. I know I know where I stand and my ambitions are local for now, but for long if I get serious about blogging I would make sure that my blog is one of the top blogs on India too. But Alas my attention span is too small that is good news for all the awesome bloggers around India most of them are my friends. 

Here are two of blogs in Top-20 blogs of Bhopal No. 16 and No. 18.

and here goes:

And there goes my no. 21 and No. 30 blogs rounding off Top-30 blogs of Bhopal and I have 4 blogs there .. once again 4. That is more than 10% of Top-30.

So let's now come back to the earth. Yes it is not ground breaking achievement but it is for me in some measure because two of these blogs are the ones which I resurrected from dead and now they are nearing top of the blogs in Bhopal.

I am little bit proud but not at all arrogant as my tone for this post may have indicated. My message to all my fellow bloggers in Bhopal and all across India.

You all are doing awesome work keep on doing it.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Knowledge is Great

Knowledge is Great because it's a never ending story, it's a never ending pursuit, it's life. If you stop learning, stop acquiring knowledge then what's the point of living. I consider myself a constant student so I keep on reading. I learn how the masters write by reading their work. I watch movies to see the masters in action. I study the works of the masters to learn more about photography. I listen to the songs to experience the joy which you get while listening to greatness and greatness comes from knowledge.

Knowledge is Great ... its one of the truest sentence.

I have been contemplating going to a good university for advance studies. When I saw this wonderful competition organized by where in we could write about a specific subject/specialization which we would like to do from UK, question is why and where?

George SquareGlasgow, Scotland (Credit
The Picture above is of George Square in Glasgow, Scotland, it is one of the largest city in UK and its where I would like to go to study further. It has the highest population density in Scotland.

I work as Group Lead, IT Helpdesk so IT is my field. But I write as well and love to click photos too. So it's really tough to chose a single field to study. If I have a chose a field I know the least about it would be photography.

So I would love to pursue a course to study/spatialize in Photography, so that I can be an even better photographer. I mean look that the photos of Glasgow isn't it simply beautiful and Scotland's natural beauty is often talked about and wrote about. If a nature's heaven is not conducive for pictures I don't know what is.

Famous Places in Glasgow (Credit Wikipedia)
Now once the difficulty of choosing the subject is over let's continue to the even trickier part of choosing a college/university. Since I already chose Glasgow as my educational destination, my choices must come from there, between 'University of Glasgow' and 'The Glasgow school of Art'. Since my selected course is 'Creative Arts & Design' I would love to study in 'The Glasgow School of Art' because if you have an institution focused on a single stream you get better facilities and faculties.

So if I ever get a chance to study in UK I would go for a course in 'Creative Arts & Design' from 'The Glasgow School or Art'. Since I am interested in going for a course in Photography I chose Glasgow as its a mix of old world charm and great Sci-Fi buildings. And as a country Scotland is extremely beautiful and as I am a part time writer and part time photographer I am inclined to go for beautiful things.

And I would like to finish by saying that the quest for knowledge should never cease because 'Knowledge is Great'  and 'Knowledge is Life'.

This contest was organized by and I am thankful to both of them for providing me this wonderful opportunity.