Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Just Another Day

So I haven't been posting anything personal on my personal blog .. irony. Do you know that I try to manage some 8 blogs and out of all those blogs this is the blog which has won me not one but two prizes. First I got a lovely 8 GB pen drive and wait for it .... A trip to Thailand .. yes my first win and that too all the way to 2nd Prize ... Now waiting to finalize the date for my maiden foreign trip.

So Life is swell..

I am swelling too or rather bloating or rather just expanding. Have to start cricket regularly soon enough if I want to be mobile. I can join the Gym too but my shift timings take care of those activities coupled with my laziness.

I know these are all excuses to cover for my laziness but have to do something before my body become too stiff to move.

But lighten up its not like I am 300 Kg heavy no sir not at all I am well below 100 I think :P the problem is that the weight coupled with lifestyle means that I have little to no stamina or flexibility which should be necessary to feel healthier.

I want to feel that way, may be I will start the morning walks again at least i would be mobile for few Kilometers at least.

Well enough ranting enough self loathing but not quite, I am happy, its just a little introspection, because its always good to consider your weaknesses and work on those.

So till the next time ... Enjoy.

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