Friday, April 17, 2015

Time to Look up to the future

This entry is for Look Up

                  When we talk about the future we are either pessimistic or optimistic about it. What we never are is sure of it. After all the term future itself means that we can't know about it. And we don't have many opportunities to be hopeful about the future if we look at our present.

              And when I look at the current scenario in our country it's very hard to be positive about the future. The crime rate all around us is very high and every other day we come to know about one scandal or another. It looks like that politicians are only concerned about securing their seat and about filling their coffers with as much money as possible before their term ends.

        But just like night is darkest just before dawn, we have silence before the storm and Things get worse before they get better. I sincerely hope that this is the worst condition our country can reach in and from now on we would be better and do better.

             What really fill me with optimism though is my little son and my young brother and his friends and my friends. My son who is only 16 months old is the most intelligent and considerate toddler I have ever seen. He fills my heart with joy when I see his intelligence in action. My son is so courteous from this small age and I would spend all my time with him to ensure that he turns to be the perfect gentleman who knows how to treat people the right way.

            My brother who is an aspiring singer uses his band and his friends to do the good through his music and organizes charity shows and his most favorite shows are the ones he does in old age homes and orphanages. Seeing a smile on those lovely lonely faces brings such joy to the heart is it's almost impossible to describe in words.

            Almost all of my Friends who married and many of them have become parents. Seeing them being the best parents to their kids and trying to ensure that their daughter or son be the model citizen that our country of future deserves. We have to understand that we have the country all to us and we have to leave a better country and world for our kids better than what we received.

Just like a drop at the time becomes an ocean, similarly I am sure that when all of us would consciously work towards building a better future for us and for our children then no power in world would be able to stop the positive march of progress and prosperity. We all have to stop our negative thoughts and look up collectively towards a common goal of happiness and peace. I am sure after all that all of us want the same thing in life. A peaceful family life with the ones we love.

This entry is for Look Up


  1. I like the way you choose to write this article. You wrote in detail and everything here is good and awesome.


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