Thursday, April 16, 2015

Together forever

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Generally speaking I am a happy go lucky kind of guy, who is happy in his thoughts and happy in his own company. People know and believe this too, I would rather read book than talking to people or watch movie all alone. And I realize that I am kind of a loner. But even loners need company someMonotype Corsiva and who better to provide that company than the one to share her life with me, my wife.

We have spent many a wonderful moments together and have given each other strength when we needed it. We have a wonderful son together who is little over 1 year old and we spent our days enjoying our time with our little angel. In our Monotype Corsiva the work load is immense and someMonotype Corsiva it becomes very hard to get time for family as you run from one meeting to another and from one assignment to other.

During one such period of time where I was busy with office I suddenly got a chance which refreshed me. This break came to me courtesy of weather and before I knew it I found myself free and at home. Although it was supposed to be post winter/spring, it rained out of nowhere. We woke to a cold morning and our son shrieked with delight after seeing light rain in the morning and wet ground in the wake of rains throughout the night. I sat with my wife in the foyer and watched our son play. Ensuring that while he enjoyed himself, he shouldn't get wet lest he catches cold. 

And just like that I felt immense peace coursing through me while sitting there in the room with my wife and watching my son play. They are the ones for whom I work and I should make regular time for them as we are together forever. 

With rains, pakodas works magic and so it was pakode time and we sat talking and snacking on delicious eatables. Anyone who gets to enjoy these moments know the importance of being with the ones they love and nothing can replicate the feeling of being together. 

Finally the rains let go and allowed us to venture outside and though it was cold but it was enjoyable cold and we planned to utilize the day further and to go and enjoy at the malls or movies. Since our son is only 16 months old we dropped with to enjoy with his grandparents and me and my wife moved forward for our dinner-date. It's very important to get these small moments away from others just in the company of each other. 

An evening spent watching movies with dinner afterwards turned a wonderful morning into a splendid day. Days like this makes you realize the importance of the company of the people you love. That one day recharged my batteries completely and I was ready to tackle the world once again and I know I have my family with me and we are forever together.

This post is written for housing

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