Thursday, February 14, 2019

Something Something Blah Blah

Yeah what else to say or how else to say? Considering this would be my first post of this year and I didn't plan anything for this post and it's just like the title says just whatever I think to say. Well I am listening to "All Eyes on Me" by 2Pac on Spotify and loving it. Things be how they are and how they are supposed to be so tomorrow would be (Well considering I am working in the night shift it's already 14th but for my sanity's sake let's call it tomorrow) Valentine's Day so Wish another day full of love and happiness after all it's like you only love the person you love for just one day and then forget about them for the next 364 days.

Just take the opportunity to make the special one in your life feel extra special and try not to make them feel anything less than special in even on other days. Me, oh poor me is again going to be alone on this like other days as wifey is at her parents house, oh well let her rest after all you can't have enough time with your parents no matter how much you try. Let's talk another song which started on Spotify "Ringer" by Eminem love this song too. Loved the entire album, Eminem is after all one of my most favorite artist. Who are your favorite artists and which are your favorite songs, if you are reading this then try to share that.

What are the chances that you would be reading this the third paragraph well if you come to the page then maybe some but what with short attention spans of our times. So let's also talk about how we all get lost in the endless stream of content and videos on looks like there is another interesting video as the one you are watching ends. I have lost many evenings where I planned to read my books or planned on watching a movie or a series but then turns out I spent all the time going through different youtube videos. And it's not like anyone is immune to the youtube sinkhole. And I think that I should be stopping now and will be back to blabber in the next edition of Something Something Blah Blah, So till next time then.

Thursday, December 13, 2018


Just look at me I look like a person who has his sights on the goal and just can't wait to reach there. Then what happened. Well posed photos are exactly those posed. Now this wasn't totally posed after all I was actually shooting at the targets and managed to hit few of them. Well I am getting side tracked.

I wanted to talk about a term called 'procrastination' this is the word and here's the dictionary definition:

The action of delaying or postponing something.

Procrastination  means doing something which delays you to work on something else, which something else may be important as well. For example I am planning on writing a book and I have almost the entire plan and structure ready in my head but so far I haven't put a single words towards starting this book. 

I have my reasons:
1. I currently have a laptop and no table which makes it harder to type.
2. I am planning on getting a table so that I can be more comfortable in using my computer.
3. I have already purchased a wonderful chair

But all the reasons for planning aside where's my table, well still waiting to be finalised. And what do I do when I am not writing my book? I read, I watch Youtube or Netflix or Prime or Hotstar or something else. I play games on my PS4 Pro too. These all activities can come under Procrastination.

And why do we procrastinate? Because we always like to the things which are fun so that we don't have to do other tasks. Have to finish this awesome book so can't go to market today. Have to play this super awesome game so can't wash the clothes. Watching a riveting show can't move even for a second. Looks like we are hardwired for procrastination. After all everybody would jump first for a chance to do something fun or entertaining. 

But how can we actually do something, by making plans and by sticking to them. By Ensuring that we follow a strict timetable and don't deviate from that. Now I am saying this but I don't when would I be able to proceed with my plan but I promise you I would continue and make sure to write that first book and move it out of the way so that I can then go onto write the second or more books. But first of all I have get the hard part done, that being actually finishing the damn thing. 

Well then so far for today and let me finish it on a cute end, look here's for the cutest Spiderman you will ever see.

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Changes are a-coming

Let's not dwell to much on the image, this was shared by me earlier in fun and let's go back to the changes which will be hitting me from the start of next week. I am not sure if I have already shared the information or not but I am back in the night shifts now. After working in day shift for around 16 months.

Now I was working in 9 PM to 6 AM shift but now again that's going to change as I start working with a new client starting this Monday so my new shift timing is going to be 12.30 AM - 09.30 AM IST. Now this may seem odd but I have worked in shifts starting at 2.30 AM, 1:30 AM, 2 AM, 4 AM so it wouldn't be that much of a change but change nonetheless for whatever it's worth.

My journey back to gaming is going strong courtesy of my PS4 Pro. I now own 6 games on disk and just finished - Horizon Zero Dawn (Complete Edition) and plan to start Injustice 2. Life is good when you get to do what you love and that's what I am doing loving the life.

Recently bought couple of more books (around 26) so that's wonderful now I just have to buy a bookself or two to store them safely but that would have to wait. So World Photography Day is on Sunday 19th August and I have select and edit a photo or two to share on that day too.

But coming back to the changes the biggest change is going to be the new client so time to learn new things and also the new timings. Till then learn and grow.

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Life is Wonderful

If you know me you would know that I am a hoarder :) in mellow terms. If you want to be specific I am bookoholic and after a gap of many years I am back to being a gamer. 

Yes!!!!!! after lusting about Playstation Consoles for close to 20 years I was finally able to get one and now I am proud owner of a brand new PS4 Pro console and it is marvellous. 

My time is now wonderfully consumed by different quests or puzzles and I am happy to chase the exclusives which PS is famous for. Already finished "Heavy Rain" and "Beyond: Two Souls" and about to finish "Rise of Tomb Raider". I have already ordered the next phase of games out of which again two are exclusives. "The Last of Us - Remastered" The masterpiece now available for PS4 is as marvellous is ever just better. Then there are "Horizon - Zero Dawn" and "Injustice 2" both of which I should receive by tomorrow. 

Life is wonderful and it is made all the more wonderful by my new bookhauls which I have yet to receive but it's Fanstasy heavy. I have finally ordered "Mistborn series" by Brandon Sanderson and I am giddy with enticipation. Though I am realistic that I won't be reading them right away but at least I have got them now. Books will be discussed in other post and details about them in my book blog - Keep on Reading so check it there in few days.

Monday, June 11, 2018

Why do I write or blog?

Why do I write short stories or have so many blogs? I have been asked this question many times. BTW here are my blogs with custom domains

eSoch (This Blog)
MMTvM (Movies, Music, Tv, Musicians)

When I had decided to start a blog, my very first idea was to write and share new short stories. But then I had my photos to showcase and book reviews too. But then I needed a blog for posts like these which doesn't fall under Reviews, Photos or Short Stories. So This blog and I have seen so many movies that I wanted to share my thoughts on that as well. So another blog for movies.

Well if I have been regularly able to update these blogs is a different story in itself because honestly no I haven't been able to keep them updated. Hell till last week I had bought custom domains for only top three blogs and I wasn't able to keep even them updated.

But I am again trying to ensure that the blogs are regularly updated and to motivate myself I have bought 2 more custom domains which you can check above.

In any case not only me but everyone should get a chance to express themselves and you shouldn't be stopped too. So go online and get yourself a blog too no need to get a custom domain just yet. Write or post whatever you like. No need to create 8 different blogs like if you don't wanna do that. Create a blog and keep different pages for different content. Don't be confused about the platform Be in or or any other service which allows you to express yourself. And work towards your dreams.

But I have still not shared the reason why I blog or write. Honestly so that I can hone my writing and also that I can be moderately famous. After all who doesn't want to be famous and I may be 35 already but my dream of photography and being a writer won't die. I try to keep the photography going on and hope to write kind of a book sometimes in coming years but till then I would keep on updating these blogs and hone my writing skills because if I can't write 500 or 1500 word posts how can I hope to write a 300 page book. So I would Keep on Blogging you guys Keep on Reading.