Tuesday, June 7, 2022


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     I have been absent from my blogs and you can call it laziness or lack of motivation but it's also the fact that I am sometimes hesitant to say what I want to say even though not many people read these posts but it's still public so maybe it's better to moderate the things we say to everyone.

    My last post on this blog was maybe more than a year ago and it's not just this blog but every blog that I have there are no stories on my short stories blog, no photos on my photography blog, no thoughts on my ideas blog, a few book posts on my Books blog and nothing on my movies blog. 

     Yeah I am an idiot, I can't manage to keep one blog active and I have multiple blogs but I tried keeping one single blog but then I was always hesitant about where to put what kinds of posts there so that gave the fruition to the idea of blogs focused on a few ideas. 

     So yeah now you know why I have so many blogs and let's come now to the title of the post, why have I been absent, well it's life ain't it? I have been working and then the weekends are mostly busy with either the photoshoots or shopping trips. I have been reading, watching movies, or simply on Youtube in my free time, and yeah most exciting update has been that I have started using fountain pens again and have got many beautiful pens and inks and I love writing in alternate inks on my pages. Yes, I have been finally getting back to writing as well after many years of just typing. 
       For the first time since I started my blogs, I wrote my first stories in notebooks and have not typed them yet. I have had a few books published in the Kindle book store and hopefully, these analog stories would be the first short stories published only in the books and available nowhere else. The level of distraction is so high that every time I would sit on the computer I would pivot to something else and the book hasn't moved beyond the prologue yet. So I thought to write it but was never happy with even the Rollerball Pen, then I got the Rollerball refill with the Medium nib and that changed the experience and I loved it and then I found the fountain pens again.

     These are a few pics of my fountain pens and love them dearly. I have pens varied between 35 Rs. and much more. They have different colours and different types of nibs. I have learned that I like the nibs that are Medium and beyond better. I try to write at least two pages a day and thankfully I have been able to continue that practice for close to three weeks now and I would like to continue that to make sure that my pens are in rotation and in use. So I might be absent from my blogs but I am present in my life and you should also find something that gives you joy to make the life worthwhile.

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