Friday, February 19, 2021

My First Crush

       Let me tell you a short story from my past, a short story that would be similar for many other people as well. Well, it's more of a memory than a story this is the story of my first crush. Like all the first things I remember most things about crush but as it happens for me nothing came out of it sure but feelings and emotions are like that Stupid they don't understand the logic.

        I was 16 years old and met her in the tuition class. I was this nerdy, thin, dark, underconfident kid and she was beautiful, fair and cute and all that. Of course, we became friends after few days and the classes became enjoyable and I was eager to join the class and paid full attention and it didn't hurt that the trainer was good and we learned a lot from the classes as well.

        No names yet or ever because what's the point now also no need to be hung up on the names, she was beautiful and I was smitten. Well you know even 16 I was still a kid and so was she so used to dress as such in frocks etc. There was another girl in the class and two other guys and I was friendly with all and it's more than likely that other guys also had a crush on her. But I only knew about myself. I had started writing few poems by this time and during this time I wrote my first romantic couplet but, no, not going to write them here.

        I was young and stupid, I was happy in our day-to-day interaction and would walk together after the tuition class and it was enough for me. One day I blurted out - 

"You should wear Indian clothes sometimes."

"Why?" She asked

"I don't know, I just wanted to see you in Indian clothes."

"OK, I will see" She replied

    A few days later we were walking back home after the classes and suddenly we were stopped by a couple of guys. And of course, they threatened us telling us to stay away from the girls and my friend asked them why should we do so, and thump a slap hit him and another one for me, my first and last slap ever from someone other than family.

    We never saw the idiots again and our routine continued and now I would sheepishly like to tell that I don't remember if it was the new year or the end of our tuition classes but long story short we decided to celebrate the day/evening at the tuition class and I took a camera with me and it was a fun evening and one more thing. She wore a suit (Salwar-Kurti) for the first time in the classes, my request for an Indian dress and she looked stunning as usual. We enjoyed the snacks, danced away on the latest songs for the time. It was was many years ago I am 38 years old now so the camera was a Point and shoot analog camera with a 36 roll reel. No cell phones, no internet, and no social media. 

        Soon the classes were over that was our only meeting point and after that, we never met again. Years later I tried searching for her on Facebook but haven't had any success, but I still have the photos from the evening and though there were only 4-5 pics, at least they are there. It is just a memory now, a great memory but memory nonetheless. I thought I saw her in a Gurgaon mall after many years but before I could call her name she was gone from my view. RG you are my first crush and this would be the first time I have narrated this story.


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