Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Call it what you want

                    So I like the new update to Blogger and all the new features it has brought along. Most of all I like the new and easy way to add the new fonts to the editor earlier I had to modify the font name in HTML to use that font now I added all the wonderful fonts for use later.  I am actively using Grammarly to proofread my writing in real-time and it's a fairly good tool even in the free version.

        It's just another post for keeping the blog alive and also to share my thoughts, I am not talking about any particular issue here may be a new post for that but apart from that life is okay and lonely playing a lot of games that are more of Visual Novels than a game but I love to enjoy them and most of them have great stories and I have liked most of them and few have made me cry as well, after all, they are novels and yeah these are Adult or Porn games but they come in all shapes and sizes and I am playing the highly rated ones and have found some real gems and maybe I would share talk about them in a video or rather would create a new youtube channel for them.

           Life is strange, I know it's the name of a nice game but still, that's true as well but talking about the game Visual Novels aren't the only games I have been playing I also finished the PC version of Horizon: Zero Dawn, I had already played it on on PS4 Pro but playing it on my PC with great graphics and the faster frame rate was too good to miss. If you haven't played it then do not miss the chance and grab it on Playstation 4 or the PC, it's also fairly cheap on Steam now. Also if you haven't played the "Life is Strange" series of games them try them they are Adventure games. There are 5 games in the series and it was released in episodic form. One game "The Amazing Adventures of Captain Spirit" is available for free so there is no reason to skip that also most of the time the first episode is available for free so that you may try and then decide if you want to get further episodes or not. These games focus more on the story rather than graphics and this series of games all are based around people gaining some abilities. 

             And just like that, the update became a talk about the games but why shouldn't it this is taking most of my time nowadays more than reading after all a Visual Novel is also reading and I am reading that a lot but unfortunately can't track that on GoodReads :) I will tell you a secret I found the porn games by accident but now I enjoy their story part more than the porn part and enjoy stories in fact many games allow a decision-based storyline and I have played those games like a romantic movie and loved the experience, and then after few months playing with a walkthrough to get the best endings that's also something I do rather than struggling with myself I would rather use cheats or walkthroughs after all I have got only limited time like everyone else. Currently, I am playing "Retrieving the Past" created by MrKnobb it's again a visual novel that has been released so far in 3 seasons and it's an action-adventure visual novel with great graphics, it renders but very realistic and like most similar games there are few animations. 

         So far so long then people don't wanna keep on typing, take care and enjoy the week.

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