Monday, January 18, 2021

Here we go

Here we go again, another day and another post full of ramblings and that ought to happen after all a thought piece is just that, something is written from your thoughts and we all know that we can't control our thoughts and it's one of the great mysteries that scientists have devoted decades to understand and still isn't near finding it out. Well, we would leave the talks to scientists and research with the scientists, and let's talk about normal life, something that you and I live through.

The new normal, work from home, only go out for essentials, wear a mask when out, etc. Nowadays I only go out in select cases one scenario would be if I need to get supplies or eat something and the second is if I have to go for photography. I am happy to say that for the last two Sundays I have been able to go out for photography again. Last Sunday it was a Photowalk and yesterday it was a small fun little session with a friend and model.

Another normal is how the time is passed currently it's either live cricket or highlights, little reading, a lot of gaming, and some youtube or some other streaming site. I might have mentioned it but here I am enjoying Visual Novels how days so that can be considered reading if so then it's going great but if you talk about actual books that are going on super slow nowadays.

Also, I like this font, I love the new update to the site done by Google and the option to add all these fonts earlier I had to change the font in the HTML code now I have added so many wonderful fonts. So till next time, Enjoy!

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