Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Being Farzi... A Farzi Experience

I had read a lot about the Farzi Cafe so when I saw the restaurant/cafe in Cyber Hub, Gurgaon I wanted to go right in unfortunately I had already ate at that time so I just planned on going in next time.

The next time came on Sunday 10th April 2016, I just drifted towards Cyber Hub I went in to check Smash first and after spending some time in the gaming hub I stepped outside. I suddenly realized that it was a good time to go Farzi.

I walked in Cyber Hub checking all the places to eat, there it was Farzi Cafe in all it's glory. I walked in and immediately met with the friendly staff. My server was Anup and he was a joy. I took in the ambience and it was lovely work done through the entire cafe as it was done in wood. Entire cafe had an old world charm and the best thing there wasn't a TV in sight.

I was presented with the menu and as I don't drink, I did away with the drinks menu and focused solely on my tummy so only the food menu. The menu was vast so I needed few moments to find out the order. The staff was awesome.

For starter I chose Bombay Bhel 2.0, I was promptly informed that since I was alone Bhel would be a little heavy but since I myself am heavy I pointed the same to Anup and thus having only ordered starter for the time being I started reading a book on my mobile.

I was momentarily disturbed not for my order but a treat on the house, my very first gastronomical treat a sweet dish treated with Liquid Nitrogen I was asked to just chug the treat like a shot it was like an egg with red colour on it. I did as I was told and voilĂ  it melted in my mouth.

Next came my order Farzi interpretation of Bhel Puri called Bombay Bhel 2.0 and it was a mountain of flavours. I loved it and also it was also treated with Liquid Nitrogen as a powder was sprinkled on the bhels. It was lovely, it was tasty, it was flavourful and it was heavy.

But I had a little space in my stomach actually a lot so I also ordered a Mains course. After lot of deliberation also because I am vegetarian I chose Good Old Paneer Tikka. but before I could have my Tikka there was again a gastronomical wonder Hajmola on a stick, it was lovely it was tasty and it was there o make me ready for my dinner.

There came my Paneer Tikka with a Laccha Parantha and there was a gravy as well lot of gravy actually and I was done away with just one Parantha, I was offered more bread too but I was done for, because I don't waste food I finished at least the Tikka and left a lot of gravy.

It was the time for the check and I was full but before I could get my check I got another treat a mouth freshener a Pan Gujia where Gujia was made of Cotton Candy i.e. Budhiya ke Baal and there was Pan Mouth Fresher in it so naturally it was a nice finish to an awesome experience. But that's not all.

The bill was presented in a Farzi Typewriter. In all I would love to visit Farzi Cafe again because #BeingFarzi is fun.