Thursday, August 8, 2013

25K done towards another milestone...

Awesome news my page ... 'Story Teller' just had its 25000th visitor, isn't it amazing. Thanks to all the amazing people who checked my work. Mind it you guys are not a or another number you guys are my friends, who give me inspiration to write and to grow. Thanks to you guys now the number is more than the screenshot and I hope that it keeps on growing.

Keep visiting.

Story Teller

Monday, August 5, 2013

Bulk Shopping After A Very Long Time

So after a very long time I have again got myself lot of clothes in one sweeping bulk shopping trip actually two and both times I walked to the Mall which is about 2 Kms away. last time was in May, 2010 Woah 3 years passed by without me buying some clothings and I got married in between hmm. better late than never. Last time I shopped at Reebok and Levi's Signature. This time bulk of the shopping was done at Reliance Trends, Ashima Mall, Bhopal and Wrangler, Ashima Mall, Bhopal.

After a very long time bulk clothes shopping heap of my new clothes

First up Proline T-Shirt and Short

Plain Polo T-Shirts

Plain Gray T-Shirt Proline

Ride Bike Sports inspired T-Shirt by DMX Jeans

Brooklyn T-Shirt

Two Semi-Formal shirt 1st F/S 2nd H/S Twills and Scapes

Another Semi Casual Shirt - Enryca Geneva

Semi-Formal shirts from Wrangler Jeans

Two Chinos by Oxemberg (slightly blurry pic)

Rounding off with two jeans by Line-in

I bought the Jeans and Chino/Trousers on Saturday 3rd Aug 2013 and bought the Shirts and T-Shirts on Sunday 4th August .. This time I am not providing the prices for the items as almost no one visits this blog but if you want to know the prices and discounts on the items then let me know and I will update them with the pictures .. 

Thank you very much for checking another day in my life.