Friday, April 4, 2014

I hate these 10

This week's IndiSpire's topic is #10Questions i.e. '10 Questions you hate being asked' so let's dive right in.

India is a curious country after all everyone is so curious to learn everything about you and your family, in fact your entire background. I would have to really think to find out the 10 questions which I hate the most but hopefully I would be able to list them sooner than later.

So these are 10 questions which I hate the most

1. What's your Cast?
2. Why do you love being alone?
3. Why do you buy so many books?
4. Why do you keep on reading all the time?
5. How can you read such a big book, don't you get bored?
6. Why do you listen to english songs or watch english movies?
7. How can you watch movie in theater alone?
8. Why don't you eat non-veg?
9. Why can't you work out to stay fit?
10. Why don't you save money?

So there goes my list of 10 questions which I hate to be asked. Some may be justified some may not but my list is my list :)


  1. 30% of your most hated questions are related to books and reading! Two of them deal with being alone... thus 50% of your hated questions are for moments that you spend with yourself without disturbing the world. And yet, the world questions you about them. :)

    Arvind Passey

    1. That's the problem Arvind sir isn't it? I am surrounded by people who haven't seen enough books in their lives than I read in an year.

  2. yup a lot of these are personal questions and people should refrain from asking them :)


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