Thursday, September 8, 2022

Visual Novels - My Current Passion

 Hey beautiful people! how are you doing? How do you like to pass whatever time you get for yourself? What do you do for entertainment? Do you lose yourself in the endless well of content that is now youtube? or do you like to scroll and binge through what Netflix and other OTT platforms offer? Do you maybe like to read? Do you play video games? I do all these or did and these all are my passions and loves. I love reading but most of my time is right now devoted to another kind of reading which is 'Visual Novels'. 

VN or Visual Novels as the name is a novel or story supported by photos and animation or just photos. Most of the time these are rendered images so the updates take a long time but still we have 1000s of these VNs and games that have been completed. Now fair warning most of these VNs are what is classified as adult content but then most of the wonderful games for PS4 as well so there's that. I will be 40 this year so I am way above the age limit and enjoy whatever content I want. 

Now, these games or VNs offer varied stories, and many a time they allow branching or choosing your own adventure kind of a story allowing for different endings based on the choices you make. And yes they take full use of Adult nature and most of these VNs include sexual elements in their executions but there are so many VNs where the main focus stays on stories and I have enjoyed so many beautiful stories through these VNs that now for me Sexual interactions are no longer the primary focus for me but rather the beautiful interaction between the characters and I love reading through the lines of dialogues where people just talk about different things. 

I found these VNs during the first lockdown of the 2020s and they grabbed me immediately now I love playing these games and though there are multiple platforms the stories are told and there are different types of games and stories but my favorite is definitely VNs and I hope to enjoy reading through this medium as well. 

So while I enjoy my time the way I like you should do the same. Not the things I do but the things that give you pleasure and make sense of the world to you. The things that allow you to pass the little amount of free time you get for yourself. So then till next time.

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