Thursday, December 11, 2014

A Better Future?

According to you what would be a better future? The one promised by Sci-Fi movies and novels or the one where no kid goes hungry and our country is 100% educated. I believe almost everyone would agree that the second version is better because once we ensure that kids in our country are well off and educated only then can we expect to grow to be a developed country.

Unfortunately even before we do that we have to take care of our present and ensure that we as a society and a country make sure that children of our country don't have to choose between education or food. Sadly it's a truth that even after so many years of our independence there's a even bigger divide between rich and poor and many families and children are forced live under poverty where in most of the times they aren't even sure of their next meal.

When it comes down to the choice people would always choose food over other options as it is tied directly towards our survival. What we can do is make sure that children in our schools are fed properly so that they are motivated to attend school and create a better future for themselves as well. We need to increase awareness about the fact that education is the only real way to rise out of poverty. And the more educated people we have, more earning for family would be there.

In any case we shouldn't have to worry about these questions but unfortunately we have the biggest gaps in the disparity when it comes down to rich India and poor Bharat. On one hands we have shiny and modern malls and then we have slums joined with the same malls. It should be everyone's responsibility that we ensure that the no food what so ever is wasted anywhere across the country, because we can't afford to waste any food when a large part of our country's population lives below poverty line.

      We have to make sure that our infrastructure is improved throughout to ensure that we start taking care of edible items right from the fields and there should not be any wastage when our farmers put in their body and soul to increase the yield of their fields. It would  a slow process but we already have many wonderful people working towards the betterment of the scenario and organization like "Akshaya Patra" are doing just that and I applaud for overtaking such a noble initiative.

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