Friday, December 5, 2014

Pre-Marital Sex, Yes or No?

This post has been written for a contest organized by with Poonaam Uppal asking us a question - "YES or NO to Pre-Marital Sex"

To begin with an answer I say YES to the Pre-Marital Sex, and I am married so don't think I am being greedy by saying yes to Pre-Marital Sex.

Now to provide the explanation behind my answer. Sex or Making Love is the culmination or destination of all relationships. The problem is with our thinking which has distorted and portrayed a beautiful thing like sex as a hideous monster. Almost everyone in our BIG country is afraid to talk about sex, why?

Sex makes us uncomfortable no scratch that sex doesn't make us uncomfortable it's talking about sex that makes us uncomfortable. Of course we all love sex, our population is proof to that. There should be more discussions on sex so that we as a society can be comfortable talking about sex or discussing our problems related to sex. We should not be shy about asking for condoms at the medical shop. 

I am in support of Pre-Marital Sex because it's a personal matter between two people who are in love and we have no right to comment about anybody's personal life. If two people love each other and trust each other then there is no reason why can't they have sex provided they use protection that's where proper sex education comes in picture. 

Like most of the important educations either our schools skip it or we skip it. There are very few trained drivers on our roads because most of us learn driving from our elder brothers or friends. Same thing is with the sex, since we have no proper sex education, people seek alternate channels to know more about it and then it takes them through seedy paths forming a negative or unnatural picture about the whole process.

I am in favour of Pre-Marital Sex because it's a debate mostly because if people have Pre-Marital Sex and they don't get married then the girl will no longer be a virgin, what a shame? Actually this entire concept of virginity is so contrived because all around the world only girls are expected to be virgins but no one puts that responsibility for boys. If sexual relations are alright for boys before wedding then same should be allowed for girls too. 

Why Pre-Marital Sex is big thing now because we as a species are highly sexual and as early as 70-80 years ago the average age of marriage in our country was under 18 which is now in late 20s. Now people are geared more towards affairs and relationships before they get married. And if two responsible adults have a relationship then what they do in that relationship is their business and nobody else's.

So I would like to stop here saying once again that I support and say YES to Pre-Marital Sex because as per me this is are not wrong just use protection kids.

This post has been written for a contest organized by with Poonaam Uppal asking us a question - "YES or NO to Pre-Marital Sex"


  1. Good to see you have a strong opinion on the issue and able to emphatically express it.


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