Monday, June 4, 2018

Sunday - 03-June-2018

4 more minutes till the Sunday ends. Well what do you wanna do on a Sunday and do you get a Saturday off as well. I have worked with US clients for such a long time that I don't even remember a job where I didn't get 2 week offs though the offs were not always on the weekends and to tell you the truth I preferred my week offs in the weekdays and it was more useful as I could do official tasks or watch movies on the cheap. 

Well now I have Netflix and other streaming services available that I have lot of backlog of  movies to go through and for a very long time I am just not too interest to watch Bollywood movies so you can always find me when a Marvel movie releases Okay also DC movies. I love Comic Books so movies based on those is a given and then I would also watch few Hollywood movies but this Sunday I didn't do any of those things hell I didn't even left the house today :) 

I did what Sundays are made for I slept till I couldn't sleep any more, read the news paper, played some games on the mobile, talked to family on the phone and caught up on Agents of SHIELD over at Netflix and now the Sunday is over. So it's time to go to sleep so that I could wake up on time to join the office on time and I guess that's it's same for you though for some it would be school and for housewives it would be same as another day where they have to do more work. I really appreciate all my wife does and all my mom did. You girls are awesome and I love you both. 

  So then it's a good night and sweet dreams and all you guys take care and see you later. Keep on Reading and DFTBA.

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