Friday, June 1, 2018

Another Day - 1 June 2018

Yay! another month begins and this font as I couldn't possibly write is such cursive font on paper. 

Well this new month begins today but as I work in US after hours, work wise I am still working on 31st May. 

Well planning planning planning, "Plans maketh Man" or something. I have never planned my day or week certainly never a whole month. Well may be I did when I participated in A-Z April challenge way back when. 

So this month's aim is read more, Do more Photography, Watch more movies, Watch more TV series and revive my freaking blogs like I am going about doing it for now. 

Well to tell you the truth Reading and watching is going strong. Photography is little hampered only due to the super hot summer. But blogging now that was the thing which was most impacted by me without internet for a whole long year. Can you even believe that? 

Well that's a story for another day! for now let's just say that I am in better place now with High Speed internet, Subcription to both Netflix and Prime. Loads of Books. So I am settled now. 

Well at least I hope so. I keep on thinking about new stories but somehow don't type them out thinking of using them later. I am reading the books but not updating my blog with the reviews even though I am ranked 5th in all time list of reviewers in India over at (Shoutout to them). 

Well I need to make more efforts and actually open the laptop at home and then instead of watching Netflix again and enjoying I would have to open and update my blogs. 

After all I used to be in top 20 blogs in Bhopal who says I can't achieve that again in this town of bloggers which is Delhi. So I am pumped up and hopefully would be able to convert this start of month eagerness to month long phenomenon. 

Shabba Khair, Good Bye, See you soon, Keep on Reading, Keep on Clicking and Keep on being awesome. May June be your best month.

Well I apologize for the uneven spacing through the entire post.

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