Sunday, June 3, 2018

Report - 2nd June 2018

As I write it there are only 11 minutes remaining in this day. Well after I emphatically wrote in the last post thing went a little awry from there as it turned out that my phone went dead as it was no longer charging and it looked like that I would have to be without a smartphone for sometime. 

I went to the service center and was told that the motherboard was fried and it impacted the charging so it would have to be replaced and the cost was to be 25% of the phone price and I walked dejected from there to the numerous mobile repair shops in the area but to no avail and as it was a Friday I made my way to the mall hoping to see Bhavesh Joshi Superhero but in that mall there were no shows :( 

Then I got a call from a shop telling me that they will be able to repair my phone, I was little bit hopeful. 

So finally coming to today well I woke up and reached the shop and they told me that my phone would be ready in about 4-5 hours. So what else would I do I made my way to the near by Wave Mall and bought a ticket to the movie. But it was lunch time so I decided to head to food court as there was some time to the movie but the food counter had another idea with their extremely shoddy and slow service and some items missing and other items cold it wasn't a nice experience.

Thankfully the movie turned out to the very good and I liked it even though the missed around 15 minutes in the start. And at the shop my phone was ready too, Yay! for small mercies. The shop fixed the phone at only about 12% of the phone value so it was good too and my phone was working again within a day Hurrah!  

I made my way home and well passed time and one more thing I had a mouse roaming in the house today it was caught too. Small wins right. And now it's 3rd June well then. Good Night folks, Make Love not War, There's already not enough time why to waste it my hate and fighting. Keep on rocking, Keep on clicking, Keep on Reading.

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