Monday, June 11, 2018

Why do I write or blog?

Why do I write short stories or have so many blogs? I have been asked this question many times. BTW here are my blogs with custom domains

eSoch (This Blog)
MMTvM (Movies, Music, Tv, Musicians)

When I had decided to start a blog, my very first idea was to write and share new short stories. But then I had my photos to showcase and book reviews too. But then I needed a blog for posts like these which doesn't fall under Reviews, Photos or Short Stories. So This blog and I have seen so many movies that I wanted to share my thoughts on that as well. So another blog for movies.

Well if I have been regularly able to update these blogs is a different story in itself because honestly no I haven't been able to keep them updated. Hell till last week I had bought custom domains for only top three blogs and I wasn't able to keep even them updated.

But I am again trying to ensure that the blogs are regularly updated and to motivate myself I have bought 2 more custom domains which you can check above.

In any case not only me but everyone should get a chance to express themselves and you shouldn't be stopped too. So go online and get yourself a blog too no need to get a custom domain just yet. Write or post whatever you like. No need to create 8 different blogs like if you don't wanna do that. Create a blog and keep different pages for different content. Don't be confused about the platform Be in or or any other service which allows you to express yourself. And work towards your dreams.

But I have still not shared the reason why I blog or write. Honestly so that I can hone my writing and also that I can be moderately famous. After all who doesn't want to be famous and I may be 35 already but my dream of photography and being a writer won't die. I try to keep the photography going on and hope to write kind of a book sometimes in coming years but till then I would keep on updating these blogs and hone my writing skills because if I can't write 500 or 1500 word posts how can I hope to write a 300 page book. So I would Keep on Blogging you guys Keep on Reading.

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