Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Indecision or its Writer's Block .. Whatever it is . its dangerous for me

Hey Friends,
        I am back folks sorta.. Its also funny how I am addressing people where are none. You ask how? Its because I have no regular followers. Also none of my limited friends can read or rather don't like to read. But still going ahead .. The problem is I have created 6 blogs but updated only three of them, and still working on rest of them. But the problem is not that problem is how to bring people to my blog and read my gibberish bubber-blabber. Well, you can ask, why would I want that?

So Friends answer to that is people's feedback is very powerful tool. You can comment, follow me or best of all give me ideas for stories or articles. Hell you can even give me a word telling the title of story i will try to write something or other.

You may ask about the Title Indecision or Writer's Block .. What the hell is this?

So Friends issue comes from the fact that my mind is buzzing with the ideas. Even a single line can result in 100 lines of stories or the things I notice around. Now out of all these ideas, I am not at all able to decide which to write first or even write. That's the indecision .. now due to this I couldn't write a new story for more than two weeks. You may argue, that how can this be Writer's Block but what do I know how can I claim to be writer having written only six or so stories. Also its very dangerous for me because if I am not writing small stories how can I think about writing something substantial someday.

Well problem or not I will be trying to provide you new stories at my blog "Story Teller" you can access all my blogs from there itself.

Funny thing is even I don't access my own blog regularly, So how can I expect any of you to access my blog but world works in mysterious ways so who knows.

See you soon with hopefully second part of my story which I wrote 3 months ago or something new..

Till then Take care.
Shabba Khair

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