Monday, October 18, 2010

Two Crazy Dreams in One Night's Sleep

I don't know what else to say two heart breaking dreams in one single sleep .. I not saying night coz I slept around 3 AM in the night and woke up around 3 PM.. I know its absurd and late but in my defense I had been working very hard taking only 4-5 hours of sleep entire week also started Gym so was very tired. And I know why I had this dream only because I am going to see a girl for marriage on Tuesday to Delhi..

Anyways leave the back story behind.. The reason I am writing this here is because I don't have time to write the story right now and I don't want to forget this wonderful story.... so here goes...

I was in love with this girl and we were both in love and the date for marriage was set. But don't know with whom or why I was fooling around before marriage, but as it happens she catches me in the act and she is heartbroken and completely shattered and don't ask about me .. I was feeling like - hell like someone who isn't worth having feeling. Enters my best friend who comforts the family and offers to marry her to save her honor, but the thing is he is already married but in the dream that didn't matter, and the marriage is going on as usual. And on the day of marriage while everybody is running around arranging something or someone for work... and I am walking through the marriage garden and no one is paying any attention to me like I am invisible... I am climbing stairs of the building and tears are flowing through my eyes.. and then I see her ... she was looking most beautiful ever like every girl deserve on her marriage but she didn't deserve what I did to her. And there she was, just there .. crying and fixed on her spot .. I could only say one word "Sorry" while sobbing. But again her friends ignored me and asked her to go ahead ... and there she went leaving me crying at the top of the stairs... And then I saw the sight of her getting married to my friend, who was already married but again when it comes to dreams Where would it go no one can say.

After watching such disastrous dream I couldn't sleep and I woke up like I had a nightmare but if you think it was a NIGHTMARE. Scary really

But since there was nothing else to do I again went to sleep but this time the dream wasn't as scary or memorable as before but still was noteworthy but pales in front of previous one so I have pretty much forgot that one now. But still whatever I remember of that one here goes:

I am a soldier or spy now somewhere and I am on some mission. And I am hiding behind something but then someone sees me so I had to move from there and I kept on running away from that place. After running for some time I am now in friendly neighborhood and I have got company and we are moving in a Car but sorry I remember only that much for that dream now .. I promise you I also did many crazy things in that dream too. .. may be I will remember them some other day or maybe I will watch some other dream today which would be better than this one and wouldn't suck big time like my first dream...

You know who would like nightmares .. I don't know about you but certainly not me.

well enough ramblings so see you next time with a crazy story or rather crazier dream whatever it is you will find it here as I have resolved to increase my activity on this blog now.. So then buddies take care .. and have some wonderful dreams not something like me ...

So long then
See You later

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