Thursday, December 13, 2018


Just look at me I look like a person who has his sights on the goal and just can't wait to reach there. Then what happened. Well posed photos are exactly those posed. Now this wasn't totally posed after all I was actually shooting at the targets and managed to hit few of them. Well I am getting side tracked.

I wanted to talk about a term called 'procrastination' this is the word and here's the dictionary definition:

The action of delaying or postponing something.

Procrastination  means doing something which delays you to work on something else, which something else may be important as well. For example I am planning on writing a book and I have almost the entire plan and structure ready in my head but so far I haven't put a single words towards starting this book. 

I have my reasons:
1. I currently have a laptop and no table which makes it harder to type.
2. I am planning on getting a table so that I can be more comfortable in using my computer.
3. I have already purchased a wonderful chair

But all the reasons for planning aside where's my table, well still waiting to be finalised. And what do I do when I am not writing my book? I read, I watch Youtube or Netflix or Prime or Hotstar or something else. I play games on my PS4 Pro too. These all activities can come under Procrastination.

And why do we procrastinate? Because we always like to the things which are fun so that we don't have to do other tasks. Have to finish this awesome book so can't go to market today. Have to play this super awesome game so can't wash the clothes. Watching a riveting show can't move even for a second. Looks like we are hardwired for procrastination. After all everybody would jump first for a chance to do something fun or entertaining. 

But how can we actually do something, by making plans and by sticking to them. By Ensuring that we follow a strict timetable and don't deviate from that. Now I am saying this but I don't when would I be able to proceed with my plan but I promise you I would continue and make sure to write that first book and move it out of the way so that I can then go onto write the second or more books. But first of all I have get the hard part done, that being actually finishing the damn thing. 

Well then so far for today and let me finish it on a cute end, look here's for the cutest Spiderman you will ever see.

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